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Online network on 3FOUR50 website

Important message

3FOUR50OxHA facilitates an online global network (currently over 400-strong) of experts, activists and enthusiasts committed to preventing the epidemic of chronic disease and raising awareness about its devastating consequences.

This network is part of an interactive website,,* launched in 2007. The site encourages user-generated content including blogs, videos, collaboration and information-sharing around projects in chronic disease prevention. There is also a fortnightly video news presentation, and we would welcome your suggestions for stories to use.

To register on 3FOUR50 and join the network, please click here >> and then go to 'Log in' on the top menu bar.

For more information about the 3FOUR50 Network, or if you would like to become a member of the Oxford Health Alliance, please email us.


* 3 risk factors cause FOUR chronic diseases responsible for more than 50% of deaths in the world.