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Meetings attended by OxHA

OxHA representatives attend meetings and give presentations on the risk factors and chronic disease prevention throughout the year.

For meetings on designing the environment for health, click here >>

Below are listed some of the major meetings in which OxHA has participated.

  • Christine Hancock addressed the Conservative Party (UK opposition party) Spring Conference session on Public health and personal responsibility (March 2007). For more information, click here >>
  • Launch of a Danish patient reform report, The Users’ Healthcare System – Suggestions for Patient Reform (January 2007). For more information, click here >>
  • Invitation-only consultation with the Prime Minister's Office on 'The role of government in improving the health of the public', held at 10 Downing Street  (July 2006). For the expert paper written by Christine Hancock, following this event, which informed a major speech by Tony Blair on public health, click here >>
  • 'Healthy living' seminar, held at 11 Downing Street as part of a Smith Institute series on 'Your good health' (November 2005). For more information on the presentation given by Stig Pramming, click here >>