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OxHA holds an annual summit to bring together a diverse group of experts from a range of fields to discuss the prevention of epidemic chronic disease.

Summit '10

The 7th OxHA Annual Summit was held in New Delhi, India, on 19 and 20 April 2010.

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Previous summits

OxHA has held six summits to date:

  • The first event, at the Said Business School, Oxford University, brought together 60 founding members of Oxford Vision 2020 (as it then was). Five working groups were formed to investigate varoius aspects of chronic disease prevention.
  • The second summit, in Oxford in 2004, included more than 90 participants, and heard presentations from the working groups. A Commitment to Action was produced.
  • The 2005 summit was held in Yale. It was a significantly larger event – around 170 delegates, from 25 countries, from academia, government, the private sector, non-governmental organisations, young people, finance and media. It saw the launch of OxHA’s ‘transition to action’, which will see the organisation continuing to strengthen the evidence base while also working actively to combat the epidemic of chronic disease.
  • The 2006 summit was held in Cape Town, South Africa, on the theme of ‘Health in transition: working together’. It was an interactive working meeting of around 110 delegates, a significant proportion of whom were from developing countries. It also saw the launch of OxHA's interactive website Proceedings from the 2006 summit can be viewed here >>
  • The 2008 summit was held in Sydney, Australia (25-27 February 2008) on the theme of Building a healthy future: chronic disease and our environment. The Summit delivered a global call to action, the Sydney Resolution: click here >> . Video news bulletins were streamed daily on 3FOUR50 - click here >> (and then click on 'Video Bulletins' in the bar at the foot of the page).
  • The sixth summit was held in Trinity College, Oxford, on 16 April 2009, on the theme of Searching for solutions. For more information, click here >> or visit the 3FOUR50 website for video, blogs and photo content (click here >> ).

In addition, OxHA has been invited to give presentations at meetings of other organisations – click here for more details.