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The documents below relate to key issues, progress and events of relevance to the risk factors.
Canadian best practices portal
12 Nov 2008 | The 'Canadian best practices portal for health promotion and chronic disease prevention', of the Public Health Agency of Canada, is a new web resource to: facilitate knowledge exchange about best practices among decision-makers in research, policy development and practice; build consensus about best practices approaches; provide a centralised access point for best practices approaches; coordinate activities that increase their uptake and utilisation; and enhance the evaluation of effective interventions at community and population levels.
Lancet: issue on health equity
08 Nov 2008 | The 8 November issue of The Lancet (vol. 372, no. 9650, pp. 1607+) focuses in particular on the global movement to address the social determinants of health that is gathering pace. The Lancet contributes to this campaign by publishing evidence that can help to reduce health inequalities within and between countries [registration required.] The issue was timed to coincide with the Commission on Social Determinants of Health conference in London (see
Global Burden of Disease 2004 (update)
27 Oct 2008 | This update report from the WHO details the top 10 causes of death and provides estimates for over 130 disease and injury causes, providing a comprehensive picture of the global and regional state of health. It compares deaths, diseases, and injuries by region, age, sex and country income for the year 2004 and projects deaths and burden of disease by cause and region to the year 2030. The report provides policy-makers with useful information to guide strategies and cost-effective interventions aimed at improving health.
Advertising and sustainability | 49.9 kB
20 Oct 2008 | This is the Summary Report of an Oxford Dialogue on Advertising & Sustainability, held the University of Sydney, Australia on 20 October 2008. The discussion was on 'the meaning of sustainability to marketers and business – opportunities and risks', and it was convened by A/Professor Ruth Colagiuri (University of Sydney) and Mr Collin Segelov (Executive Director of the Australian Association of National Advertisers).
World Health Report 2008
14 Oct 2008 | The 2008 World Health Report, 'Primary Health Care – Now More Than Ever’, suggests the steering of health systems towards better performance through a return to primary health care, a holistic approach to health formally launched 30 years ago at the Alma-Ata International Conference on Primary Health Care.
Beyond 'Smoking kills' | 4.8 MB
07 Oct 2008 | This report, subtitled 'Protecting children, reducing inequalities', is published by Action on Smoking and Health (ASH), in collaboration with the British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research UK and endorsed by over 100 health and welfare organisations. It calls on the UK government to introduce a comprehensive tobacco control strategy which could help a further 4.5 million smokers to quit by 2015 by: a) requiring plain packaging for all tobacco products (research in the report shows that young people are between 3 and 4 times less likely to pick a plain pack as a branded one if they were trying smoking for the first time); b) prohibiting the display of tobacco products in shops; c) clamping down on smuggling; and d) giving smokers access to safer non-tobacco alternatives to smoking
Nurture & grow your business | 1.7 MB
07 Oct 2008 | This is a report on the development of Business in the Community's Business Action on Health campaign over its first year. The campaign is promoting awareness of employee health and wellbeing as a strategic business issue among businesses and general audiences. OxHA is working with BITC - Christine Hancock spoke at the evening event that launched this report.
Toolkit for developing local strategies (UK)
07 Oct 2008 | Entitled 'Healthy Weight, Healthy Lives: A toolkit for developing local strategies', this sizeable (5MB) pdf is 'a toolkit is to help [UK] PCTs and Local Authorities plan, coordinate and implement comprehensive strategies to prevent and manage overweight and obesity. It provides information and tools including useful statistics, practical initiatives, evidence of effectiveness, checklists, frameworks and examples of good practice.'
Fit City in Smartmoves | 1.4 MB
06 Oct 2008 | This short article (at the bottom of the pages) about OxHA's Fit City competition appears in the UK Department of Transport's Smartmoves magazine, issue 5 (October 2008). The full magazine can be found at
Regulation and public health?
02 Oct 2008 | Published in the BMJ's 'Head to Head' section, this article by Stig Pramming of OxHA argues 'Should we use regulation to demand improved public health outcomes from industry? - No'. Stephen Sugarman (in favour) argues that setting targets for companies will produce innovative solutions, but Stig Pramming believes collaboration is the best way to improve health.
Design for play
30 Sep 2008 | This UK document, 'Design for play: a guide for creating successful play spaces', is intended primarily for commissioners and designers of children’s play areas, to support good practice in the development and improvement of public play space. It presents guiding principles, suggested approaches and aims to inspire innovative and creative ideas.
Media and tobacco
29 Sep 2008 | This monograph, 'The Role of the Media in Promoting and Reducing Tobacco Use', available in several different languages, is published by the National Cancer Institute (US). It looks at the effects of the mass media on attitudes to and behaviour around tobacco use, and recommends strategies to use the media to best serve public health.
NICE guidance on premature death
23 Sep 2008 | This document from NICE provides new public health guidance on reducing the rate of premature deaths from CVD and other smoking-related diseases. It is is 'designed to help tackle health inequalities by making recommendations about the best ways to identify and support those most at risk and improve access to services'. It is' intended to complement existing initiatives and wider health promoting policies aimed at reducing health inequalities', and 'has been developed specifically for smoking cessation services and the provision of statins'.
Working Towards Wellness 'learnings' | 153.4 kB
23 Sep 2008 | This three-page pdf presents the issues, rationale and steps to be taken in developing a workplace wellness programme to promote chronic disease prevention. It is produced by the World Economic Forum's Working Towards Wellness initiative, of which OxHA is on the Project Board.
Working Towards Wellness initiative | 161.0 kB
23 Sep 2008 | A two-page document (September '08) introducing the World Economic Forum's cross-industry Working Towards Wellness initiative, launched in 2006. OxHA is a member of the project board. Its goals include creating a global network of industry leaders focused on chronic disease prevention, and providing tools for these leaders to better implement workplace wellness programmes around the world.
Global health law | 130.5 kB
22 Sep 2008 | 'Global Health Law: A Definition and Grand Challenges', by L. Gostin (Public Health Ethics 1(1), 2008). A Framework Convention on Global Health (FCGH), proposed by Lawrence Gostin(O’Neill Professor of Global Health Law at Georgetown University) and Allyn L. Taylor would represent an historical shift in global health, with a broadly imagined global health governance. A FCGH would incorporate a bottom-up strategy focused on (1) building capacity, so that all countries have enduring and effective health systems, and (2) setting priorities, so that international assistance is directed to meeting basic survival needs. For more details on the FCGH, see both this article and, also by Prof Gostin, 'Meeting basic survival needs of the world’s least healthy people: toward a Framework Convention on Global Health', at
Health for all?
15 Sep 2008 | 'Health for all? A critical analysis of public health policies in eight European countries' is published by the Swedish National Institute of Public Health, and looks at the public health policies of Denmark, Finland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom, with particular emphasis on health equity.
Best practices 'portal' (Canada)
15 Sep 2008 | The Canadian Best Practices Portal for Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention is a central component of the Canadian Best Practices System, that will ultimately: (1) Facilitate knowledge exchange about best practices among decision-makers in research, policy development and practice (2) Build consensus about best practices approaches (3) Provide a centralised access point for best practices approaches (4) Coordinate activities that increase their uptake and utilization (5) Enhance the evaluation of effective interventions at community and population levels
10 Sep 2008 | The Change4Life initiative is a government scheme to bring together multiple stakeholders to help to 'change the lives of families in England by improving their diet, exercise and attitude to good health'. It is a national movement, launched in autumn 2008 before a major publicity campaign starts in January 2009.
Neighbourhood design and physical activity
01 Sep 2008 | The article by Lee and Moudon was published in Building Research & Information 36(5). It surveyed nearly 700 people in Washington state to assess what motivates them to take physical activity (walking/cycling) in their local area – reasons cited include social aspects (knowing neighbours, availability of benches), safety (seeing others walking/cycling, traffic calming, streetlighting, bike lanes), aesthetics (street trees, visual quality of the neighbourhood), available destinations (e.g. shops within walking distance) and availability of sports facilities and bike racks.