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The documents below relate to key issues, progress and events of relevance to the risk factors.
Tobacco Atlas, 3rd edition
09 Mar 2009 | This is the third edition of the Tobacco Atlas, with a report and website documenting: the history of tobacco; prevalence and consumption; youth and secondhand smoking; health risks and mortality; health education and quitting; taxation and regulation; religion; and the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. The website allows users to compare data between countries and create customised charts, graphs, and maps. It is published by the World Lung Foundation and the American Cancer Society.
Food and walkability in NYC
01 Mar 2009 | 'Neighborhood food environment and walkability predict obesity in New York City', by Andrew Rundle et al., was published in Environmental Health Perspectives 117(3). It concluded 'Access to BMI-healthy food stores is associated with lower BMI and lower prevalence of obesity.'
mHealth for development
28 Feb 2009 | 'mHealth for Development: The Opportunity of Mobile Technology for Healthcare in the Developing World' examines issues at the heart of the rapidly evolving intersection of mobile phones and healthcare. The report, commissioned by the Vodafone Foundation and UN Foundation Partnership, was launched to coincide with the formation of a new alliance, the Mobile Health (mHealth) Alliance.
Climate change and health
27 Feb 2009 | New South Wales Public Health Bulletin 20(1-2): A new collection of papers that originated after the OxHA Forum on Healthy and Sustainable Cities, held in Sydney after the OxHA summit in 2008, edited by Tony Capon.
Policy and action for cancer prevention
26 Feb 2009 | 'Policy and Action for Cancer Prevention', published by World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) / American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR), is a policy report that sets out changes that can be made at all levels of society to reduce the number of cancer cases. It contains recommendations for different groups, from governments to the people who do the food shopping for their families.
Deadly in pink
18 Feb 2009 | This report, 'Deadly in Pink: Big Tobacco Steps Up Its Targeting of Women and Girls', was issued by the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, American Heart Association, American Lung Association, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids. It warns that aggressive marketing campaigns aimed at women and girls in are putting health at risk, and urges the US Congress to regulate tobacco marketing by passing legislation granting the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authority over tobacco products. The website includes the report, images of the tobacco marketing campaigns and video.
The prevention of CVD
15 Feb 2009 | This UK report was written by David Furness for the Social Market Foundation, a think-tank that argues that the NHS should take a more sophisticated approach to risk in trying to prevent cardiovascular disease. It presents a series of recommendations all aimed at improving the way the health services deliver preventative services.
Be active, be healthy
11 Feb 2009 | 'Be active, be healthy: a plan for getting the nation moving' is a publication of the UK's Department of Health. It 'establishes a new framework for the delivery of physical activity alongside sport for the period leading up to the London 2012 Olympic Games, Paralympic Games and beyond'. It 'sets out new ideas for Local Authorities and Primary Care Trusts to help determine and respond to the needs of their local populations, providing and encouraging more physical activity, which will benefit individuals and communities, as well as delivering overall cost savings'. According to the document, 'the NHS costs of physical inactivity for every PCT [Primary Care Trust] in England averag[es] £5 million per PCT every year'.
Access to healthy foods
01 Feb 2009 | This article, 'Neighborhood Environments: disparities in access to healthy foods in the U.S.', Am J Prev Med 2009;36(1):74–81, is by Nicole I. Larson, Mary T. Story and Melissa C. Nelson. It reviews research relating to the presence, nature, and implications of neighbourhood differences (neighbourhood deprivation, neighbourhood minority composition, and low area population density) for access to food.
CVD: A focus on China
31 Jan 2009 | The January issue of CVD Prevention and Control (vol 4(1), January 2009) is entitled 'A focus on China'. It is edited by Tsung O. Cheng, and includes articles on a varity of issues, including smoking, diabetes and CVD.
Promoting PA among children
29 Jan 2009 | This guidance from the UK's NICE, ‘Promoting physical activity, active play and sport for pre-school and school-age children and young people in family, pre-school, school and community settings’, is aimed at everyone who has a direct or indirect responsibility for promoting physical activity for children and young people. The recommendations relate to all children and young people up to the age of 18, including those with a medical condition or disability. There is a specific focus on children aged 11 and under and girls aged 11 to 18.
NICE: Physical activity for children
28 Jan 2009 | This guidance, 'Promoting physical activity for children and young people', is for all those who have a direct or indirect role in - and responsibility for - promoting physical activity for children and young people. This includes those working in the NHS, education, local authorities and the wider public, private, voluntary and community sectors. It will also be of interest to parents, grandparents and other carers (including professional carers), children and young people and other members of the public. It includes recommendations for schools, but does not make recommendations for the national curriculum.
Heart disease and stroke stats '09: US
15 Dec 2008 | 'Heart disease and stroke statistics 2009 update: A report from the American Heart Association Statistics Committee and Stroke Statistics Committee' is an 'open-access report on the latest statistics on heart disease, stroke, other vascular diseases, and their risk factors. It was published in Circulation (December 2008).
Managing chronic conditions
12 Dec 2008 | Subtitled 'Experience in eight countries', this book edited by Ellen Nolte, Cécile Knai and Martin McKee 'examines the health system response to the rising burden of chronic disease in eight countries (Denmark, England, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Australia and Canada). It provides a detailed assessment of the current situation, a description of the policy framework and future scenarios, as well as evaluation and lessons learned.'
Kicking bad habits: final report
08 Dec 2008 | This link is to the final report of the Kings Fund (UK) 'Kicking bad habits' project, entitled 'Commissioning and behaviour change' (written by Tammy Boyce, Ruth Robertson and Anna Dixon). Drawing on a series of working papers and seminars held in the first half of 2008, it assesses existing and innovative methods the health service can use to persuade people to live more healthy lifestyles, including providing information and personal support and offering financial incentives.
Walking patterns and their impact on weight
03 Dec 2008 | This article from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 89: 19-26 (requires subscription), 'Fifteen-year longitudinal trends in walking patterns and their impact on weight' by Gordon-Larsen et al., is the 'first study to examine the independent effects of walking on long-term weight control.'. It 'monitored young adult men and women for 15 y into middle adulthood, and found that 'walking attenuates weight gain over the 15-y period. The greatest benefit was seen for women with the heaviest baseline weight. For these women, those with the highest walking levels resulted in weight gain < 8 kg over 15 y.'
Climate change, public health, inequalities
30 Nov 2008 | 'Climate change, public health and health inequalities - a resource for environmental health practitioners' is published by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health in the UK. It 'sets out the key arguments surrounding climate change and calls upon local authorities, in particular, to take action. It gives examples of what they can do to combat the impacts of climate change and contains a comprehensive list of further information sources.'
Improving health and work | 1.8 MB
25 Nov 2008 | Subtitled 'Changing lives - the government's response to Dame Carol Black's Review of the health of Britain's working-age population', this document is a comprehensive response, including commitments to develop a 'fit note' (rather than 'sick note') approach to absence, to help companies by working on tools to measure the costs of absence, and 'funding to deliver innovative health and well-being measures in the workplace'.
Reducing gaps in health
24 Nov 2008 | Subtitled 'A focus on socio-economic status in urban Canada', this report from the Canadian Population Health Initiative compares 21 health-related indicators among three socioeconomic status groups within 15 of Canada’s largest census metropolitan areas, representing 66% of Canada’s urban population.
Global tobacco control epidemic | 1004.0 kB
14 Nov 2008 | Comprehensive, 32-slide presentation (in pdf form) by Dr Harry Lando (University of Minnesota) on the tobacco epidemic and efforts to control it, including the epidemiology, industry behaviour, the FCTC, etc.