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The documents below relate to key issues, progress and events of relevance to the risk factors.
Three risk factors: fact pack | 1.2 MB
Global Risks 2007 | 1.4 MB
This report by the World Economic Forum's Global Risks Network looks at the economic, environmental, geopolitical, technological and societal risks facing the world, and assesses the possible severity of various risks, including chronic disease.
Stewart Truswell presentation | 52.2 kB
Presentation on 'The contribution of pharmaceutical products', given at AHPI-OxHA seminar on 'New models of primary prevention: how well do they translate into practice?' (20 September 2006).
Global challenge of the epidemic | 50.6 kB
This comment piece from The Lancet (22 September 2006), 'Rising to the global challenge of the chronic disease epidemic', by Lois Quam, Richard Smith and Derek Yach, highlights the moves at the Clinton Global Initiative in September 2006 on chronic disease. It announces moves by Ovations to develop a network of Centres of Excellence in developing countries, and encourages partnering with chronic disease initiatives including OxHA.
Diet and nutrition policy
Tim Lang and Michael Heasman, 'Diet and nutrition policy: a clash of ideas or investment?' (Development 47(2): 64, 2004) notes that food and nutrition are now a serious public health concern worldwide, but that policy responses are complex and often inadequate.
Globalization of risks for chronic disease
D. Yach and R. Beaglehole, 'Globalization of risks for chronic diseases demand global solutions' (Perspectives on Global Development and Technology, 3(1-2), 2004) provides updated information on trends in the macro-determinants of chronic disease, and stresses the importance of implementing prevention strategies.
Economics and obesity
'The economic causes and consequences of obesity' (Eric Finkelstein, Christopher Ruhm and Katherine Kosa) was published in the Annual Review of Public Health, 26:239, April 2005. A precis of the article in slide form is available at
Confronting the Epidemic of Chronic Disease | 598.8 kB
Information to and communication with patients: the role of health professionals | 41.5 kB
(Output of Dialogue held in Oxford, 15 December 2004). Dialogue focused on the specific role of health care professionals, i.e. on the ways healthcare professionals can improve their communication with and information provision to patients. Background to the topic is the wider context of 'The Informed Patient', which is currently being addressed by a variety of different health stakeholders, including patients, health professionals, the health industry and policy makers.
Patients' rights in Europe | 93.0 kB
(Product of dialogue held in Brussels, 28 February - 1 March 2005.) Held in the European Parliament, Active Citizenship Network (an international network of civic, consumer and patient organisations) unveiled the preliminary results of a two-year study on the implementation of patient rights within 13 European healthcare systems. Attending the event were 140 health stakeholders, including the European Commission.
Yach presentation OxHA 05 | 239.9 kB
Closing presentation given by Derek Yach at the OxHA '05 meeting: a call to action.
Rasmussen OxHA '05 | 559.2 kB
Presentation given by Erik Rasmussen at the OxHA '05 meeting: 'Entering the health age'.
Milby OxHA '05 | 997.1 kB
Presentation given by Sarah Milby at the OxHA '05 meeting: 'Transforming college food'.
Fries OxHA '05 | 53.8 kB
Presentation given by Jim Fries at the OxHA '05 meeting: 'The business case for prevention'.
Entering the health age | 1.5 MB
This Working Group discussion document was written by MondayMorning (Erik Rasmussen and Josefine Volqvartz) for the 05 Annual Meeting.