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Publications / Documentation

The documents below relate to key issues, progress and events of relevance to the risk factors.
Fiona Adshead summit 09 | 260.0 kB
16 Apr 2009 | Presentation on 'Non-communicable disease risk factors', given by Dr Fiona Adshead (World Health Organization) at the OxHA summit '09.
Ann Keeling summit 09 | 816.2 kB
16 Apr 2009 | Presentation on 'Action in progress: turning back the tide of diabetes', given by Ann Keeling, CEO of the International Diabetes Federation, at the OxHA summit '09.
Susan Jebb summit 09 | 334.0 kB
16 Apr 2009 | Presentation by Dr Susan Jebb on 'Diet', given as part of the 'Three risk factors' session at OxHA's summit in April 2009.
Richard Smith summit 09 | 223.1 kB
16 Apr 2009 | Presentation on the UnitedHealth Chronic Disease Initiative, given by Richard Smith at the OxHA summit '09.
Tom Glynn summit 09 | 554.2 kB
16 Apr 2009 | Presentation on 'Global cancer control: activities of the American Cancer Society and challenges facing global cancer control efforts', given by Tom Glynn, American Cancer Socieity, at the OxHA summit '09.
Stig Pramming summit 09 | 408.3 kB
16 Apr 2009 | Presentation on the Global Alliance for Chronic Disease, given at the OxHA summit 09.
Mike Pratt OxHA summit 09 | 2.5 MB
16 Apr 2009 | Presentation by Mike Pratt on 'Physical activity', given in the session on 'The three risk factors' at the OxHA summit 09.
Rachel Nugent summit 09 | 884.5 kB
16 Apr 2009 | Presentation by Rachel Nugent on 'Donor response to chronic diseases in developing countries: analysis of trends and needs', given at the OxHA summit 09.
Alejandro Cravioto summit 09 | 4.0 MB
16 Apr 2009 | Presentation by Dr Alejandro Cravioto on the UnitedHealth Chronic Disease Initiative at the OxHA Summit '09.
David Matthews summit 09 | 939.2 kB
16 Apr 2009 | Introduction to the OxHA summit 09 by David Matthews.
CIH presentations OxHA summit 09 | 11.9 MB
16 Apr 2009 | Presentations given by Denise Stevens, Fiona Wong and K.R. Thankappan on the progress made by the CIH project, given at the OxHA summit 09.
Denis Xavier summit 09 | 847.1 kB
16 Apr 2009 | Presentation given by Denis Xavier on 'The Indian Polycap Study (TIPS)', in a session on 'The polypill story' at the OxHA Summit 09
Anthony Rodgers summit 09 | 1.0 MB
16 Apr 2009 | Presentation by Anthony Rodgers, given in the session on 'The polypill story'.
Jonathan Horrell summit 09 | 76.0 kB
16 Apr 2009 | Presentation by Jonathan Horrell, Kraft Foods, on the Business4Life initiative, given in a session on 'The role of industry' at the OxHA summit 09.
Ounces of prevention
08 Apr 2009 | Subtitled 'The public policy case for taxes on sugared beverages', this article by Kelly Brownell and Thomas Frieden in the New England Journal of Medicine 2009:1, concludes that 'A penny-per-ounce excise tax could reduce consumption of sugared beverages by more than 10%.'
Healthy Work
31 Mar 2009 | This report, from UK insurance company BUPA, uses more than 200 pieces of research to provide in-depth insight into how the health of British workers will change over the next two decades – an aging workforce, many of whom are likely to suffer from chronic disease. Partners in the report are OxHA, The Work Foundation and RAND Europe.
Hungry for change? | 2.8 MB
20 Mar 2009 | This is the Which? 'healthier choices progress report 2009', reporting on a campaign that has been running since 2004 to facilitate healthier food choices.
Obesity epidemic: analysis
20 Mar 2009 | 'The obesity epidemic: analysis of past and project future trends in selected OECD countries', by Franco Sassi, Marion Devaux, Michele Cecchini and Elena Rusticelli, is an OECD Health Working Paper (no. 45). It 'provides an overview of past and projected future trends in adult overweight and obesity in OECD countries. Using individual-level data from repeated cross-sectional national surveys, some of the main determinants and pathways underlying the current obesity epidemic are explored, and possible policy levers for tackling the negative health effect of these trends are identified', and focuses particularly on 'obesogenic environments'.
Incentives for prevention
19 Mar 2009 | This paper, by Health England (the 'national reference group for health and wellbeing' in the UK) reviews some 'economic incentive schemes' that 'bring some of the costs from unhealthy activities (or the benefits from healthy ones) back from the future, or that reduce some of the benefits from unhealthy activities (or reduce the costs of healthy ones) in the present.' The review applies 'five criteria to help identify the relative strengths and weaknesses of different schemes: their effectiveness, their cost relative to effectiveness, their impact on equity, their feasibility and their impact on individual and local autonomy.'
Obesity and food technology
13 Mar 2009 | A report by the American Council on Science and Health, which discusses using food technology as part of the solution for the public health problem of obesity.