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Publications about workplace
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Publications about workplace

The documents below relate to key issues, progress and events of relevance to OxHA.
Healthy Work
31 Mar 2009 | This report, from UK insurance company BUPA, uses more than 200 pieces of research to provide in-depth insight into how the health of British workers will change over the next two decades – an aging workforce, many of whom are likely to suffer from chronic disease. Partners in the report are OxHA, The Work Foundation and RAND Europe.
Improving health and work | 1.8 MB
25 Nov 2008 | Subtitled 'Changing lives - the government's response to Dame Carol Black's Review of the health of Britain's working-age population', this document is a comprehensive response, including commitments to develop a 'fit note' (rather than 'sick note') approach to absence, to help companies by working on tools to measure the costs of absence, and 'funding to deliver innovative health and well-being measures in the workplace'.
Nurture & grow your business | 1.7 MB
07 Oct 2008 | This is a report on the development of Business in the Community's Business Action on Health campaign over its first year. The campaign is promoting awareness of employee health and wellbeing as a strategic business issue among businesses and general audiences. OxHA is working with BITC - Christine Hancock spoke at the evening event that launched this report.
Working Towards Wellness 'learnings' | 153.4 kB
23 Sep 2008 | This three-page pdf presents the issues, rationale and steps to be taken in developing a workplace wellness programme to promote chronic disease prevention. It is produced by the World Economic Forum's Working Towards Wellness initiative, of which OxHA is on the Project Board.
Working Towards Wellness initiative | 161.0 kB
23 Sep 2008 | A two-page document (September '08) introducing the World Economic Forum's cross-industry Working Towards Wellness initiative, launched in 2006. OxHA is a member of the project board. Its goals include creating a global network of industry leaders focused on chronic disease prevention, and providing tools for these leaders to better implement workplace wellness programmes around the world.
Workplace wellness: the food industry | 1.2 MB
24 Jul 2008 | This short brochure, 'Workplace wellness: the food industry in action', from the Food and Drink Federation, is a series of case studies from its member companies, promoting the positive changes they have made to health in their workplaces, including Danone, Mars UK and Tate & Lyle. More information also here:
Healthy Eating Toolkit | 1.5 MB
23 Jun 2008 | This publication by Business in the Community gives practical guidance in promoting healthy eating in companies, as part of an integrated health and wellbeing programme. It was 'created by employers for employers', drawing on their expertise, and provides best-practice, the business case for promoting healthy eating, and a model for creating a healthy-eating initiative.
OxHA workplace health programme | 41.2 kB
18 Jun 2008 | A short introduction to the OxHA approach to workplace health (see also the 'Initiatives' section of this website).
Cycling: getting Australia moving | 3.1 MB
04 Jun 2008 | Report by the Cycling Promotion Fund states that cycling – to work or for leisure – saves the health industry an estimated Aus $227.2 million a year. Cycling to work in Australia is on the rise, up from 50,648 in 2001 to 62,032 in 2006 – but only 20% of these are women, and the numbers are still low because of poor infrastructure and safety concerns.
NICE: Physical activity in the workplace
28 May 2008 | 'Promoting physical activity in the workplace' is 'intervention guidance on workplace health promotion with reference to physical activity' from the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) in the UK. The 'guidance is for employers and professionals in small, medium and large organisations who have a direct or indirect role in, and responsibility for, improving health in the workplace. This includes those working in the NHS, local authorities and the wider public, voluntary, community and private sectors, especially those working in human resources or occupational health.'
NIOSH 'Worklife' consultation | 29.9 kB
19 Mar 2008 | OxHA comment on a draft NIOSH resource document, the 'Essential Elements of Effective Workplace Programs and Policies for Improving Worker Health and Wellbeing'. It provides guidance for organisations wishing to establish effective workplace programmes that sustain and improve worker health.
Working for a healthier tomorrow | 2.4 MB
17 Mar 2008 | This report, by Dame Carol Black, the UK government’s director of health and work, is the first to review the health of the working-age population in the UK.
Francis presentation OxHA summit 08 | 272.1 kB
26 Feb 2008 | Presentation (pdf) given by Caitlin Francis at the OxHA Summit '08: 'Working Towards Wellness: chronic disease prevention: the business rationale'
Healthy choices in hospital | 87.0 kB
01 Feb 2008 | This article 'Healthy choices in hospital vending machines and canteens?' is by Christine Hancock, Katy Cooper and Karen Siegel, and is published in the International Hospital Federation's Annual Reference Book. It is a call to action for hospitals to take a lead in providing appropriate food and beverages to visitors and hospital employees, as well as patients.
QNI campaign | 54.3 kB
21 Jan 2008 | This press release, entitled 'Don't forget to nurse number one!' lanuches a campaign by the Queen's Nursing Institute (UK) to support community nurses in tending to their own health and wellbeing. OxHA is a partner in the first stage of the campaign, which focuses on healthy eating, exercise and smoking cessation.
Carol Black's Call for Evidence | 56.6 kB
30 Nov 2007 | Submission by OxHA (November 2007) to a Call for Evidence on workplace health, from Dame Carol Black, the UK Government’s national director for health and work. It focuses on the risk factors of tobacco use, poor diet and lack of physical activity, and the importance of health promotion in the workplace as a means of tackling them.
Wealth from health | 763.8 kB
09 Oct 2007 | This document published by Business in the Community, with contributions from OxHA, addresses the rising cost to business of health care and poor health among employees, and the opportunity as well as the risk that this presents. It includes a section on 'wellness', covering the risk factors of tobacco use, poor diet and lack of physical activity.
Prevention and the Indian economy
12 Sep 2007 | 'Impact of preventive health care on Indian industry and economy' is a Working Paper written for the Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations. The authors examine the empirical evidence on the relationship between preventive health care and labour productivity and corporate profitability. It aims to generate awareness on the positive role of preventive health care in boosting the corporate sector’s performance and improving the country’s economy. The report also offers recommendations for policymakers and corporate management to promote preventive healthcare practice among employees.
WorkLife 2007
11 Sep 2007 | This page contains links to 45 presentations given at the National Symposium WorkLife 2007: Protecting and Promoting Worker Health (10-11 September). It is US-focused, and includes presentations on: addressing obesity in the workplace; strategies to prevent heart disease and stroke; efforts in New York City, etc.
Law and health policy Dialogue 2 | 58.0 kB
21 Jun 2007 | A summary of the OxHA Oxford Dialogue on 'The law and health in relation to the workplace and the physical environment', held in Melbourne, 21 June 2007. We would welcome your comments.