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Publications about smoking
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Publications about smoking

The documents below relate to key issues, progress and events of relevance to OxHA.
Rebutting the tobacco industry
10 Nov 2009 | 'Rebutting the tobacco industry: winning smokefree air' is the 2009 status report of the Global Smokefree Partnership. The theme for the report is tobacco industry interference, and it is the first ' to detail the tobacco industry’s tactics to hold back legislation, alongside the positive impact of governments, organizations and individuals who are taking on Big Tobacco, and winning'.
INWAT newsletter Sept '09-Feb '10 | 1.3 MB
01 Sep 2009 | This issue of the International Network of Women Against Tobacco newsletter, 'The NET', focuses particularly on the role of the 13 million nurses in the world in tackling tobacco control.
Smoke-free movies
01 Jun 2009 | Subtitled 'From evidence to action', this WHO report calls for enforceable policies to restrict depiction of smoking in movies, which evidence shows may increase smoking among young people. it also recommends giving an adult rating to movies with scenes of smoking, to ensure that films marketed to young people do not include tobacco imagery.
National Preventative Health Taskforce | 2.4 MB
28 Apr 2009 | Presentation by Professor Mike Daube, 'The National Preventative Health Taskforce report - making it happen', given at a seminar held by the OxHA Asia-Pacific Centre in partnership with the Menzies Centre for Health Policy on 28 April 2009, entitled 'Our [Australia’s] journey to being the "healthiest country by 2020"'.
Fiona Adshead summit 09 | 260.0 kB
16 Apr 2009 | Presentation on 'Non-communicable disease risk factors', given by Dr Fiona Adshead (World Health Organization) at the OxHA summit '09.
Tobacco Atlas, 3rd edition
09 Mar 2009 | This is the third edition of the Tobacco Atlas, with a report and website documenting: the history of tobacco; prevalence and consumption; youth and secondhand smoking; health risks and mortality; health education and quitting; taxation and regulation; religion; and the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. The website allows users to compare data between countries and create customised charts, graphs, and maps. It is published by the World Lung Foundation and the American Cancer Society.
Deadly in pink
18 Feb 2009 | This report, 'Deadly in Pink: Big Tobacco Steps Up Its Targeting of Women and Girls', was issued by the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, American Heart Association, American Lung Association, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids. It warns that aggressive marketing campaigns aimed at women and girls in are putting health at risk, and urges the US Congress to regulate tobacco marketing by passing legislation granting the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authority over tobacco products. The website includes the report, images of the tobacco marketing campaigns and video.
CVD: A focus on China
31 Jan 2009 | The January issue of CVD Prevention and Control (vol 4(1), January 2009) is entitled 'A focus on China'. It is edited by Tsung O. Cheng, and includes articles on a varity of issues, including smoking, diabetes and CVD.
Global tobacco control epidemic | 1004.0 kB
14 Nov 2008 | Comprehensive, 32-slide presentation (in pdf form) by Dr Harry Lando (University of Minnesota) on the tobacco epidemic and efforts to control it, including the epidemiology, industry behaviour, the FCTC, etc.
Beyond 'Smoking kills' | 4.8 MB
07 Oct 2008 | This report, subtitled 'Protecting children, reducing inequalities', is published by Action on Smoking and Health (ASH), in collaboration with the British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research UK and endorsed by over 100 health and welfare organisations. It calls on the UK government to introduce a comprehensive tobacco control strategy which could help a further 4.5 million smokers to quit by 2015 by: a) requiring plain packaging for all tobacco products (research in the report shows that young people are between 3 and 4 times less likely to pick a plain pack as a branded one if they were trying smoking for the first time); b) prohibiting the display of tobacco products in shops; c) clamping down on smuggling; and d) giving smokers access to safer non-tobacco alternatives to smoking
Media and tobacco
29 Sep 2008 | This monograph, 'The Role of the Media in Promoting and Reducing Tobacco Use', available in several different languages, is published by the National Cancer Institute (US). It looks at the effects of the mass media on attitudes to and behaviour around tobacco use, and recommends strategies to use the media to best serve public health.
OxHA workplace health programme | 41.2 kB
18 Jun 2008 | A short introduction to the OxHA approach to workplace health (see also the 'Initiatives' section of this website).
3rd report on tobacco control: Mexico | 2.1 MB
31 May 2008 | This report by the Civil Society on the FCTC (editors: Rafael Camacho Solis, Jesús Felipe González Roldán, Francisco J. López Antuñano and María Sonia Meza Vargas) highlights the progress made in tobacco control in Mexico, activities in Latin America. There is considerable optimism in tobacco control in Mexico because in the short amount of time significant progress has been made. Health interests has been put before economics and political interests in relation to tobacco control The dissolution of the original agreement between Ministry of Health and the tobacco industry has allowed the Ministry of Health to recover its autonomy and liberty in regards to tobacco control.
Chapman presentation OxHA summit 08 | 716.0 kB
26 Feb 2008 | Presentation (pdf) given by Simon Chapman at the OxHA Summit '08 in the session on Healthy Public Policy.
Big tobacco's guinea pigs
18 Feb 2008 | 'Big tobacco's guinea pigs: How an unregulated industry experiments on America's kids and consumers' is a Campaign for Tobacco-free Kids report on tobacco marketing practices that are unregulated by the government that recruit new youth users, create and sustain addiction to nicotine, and discourage users from quitting. It also demonstrates the effectiveness of tobacco products regulation.
MPOWER report on tobacco control
07 Feb 2008 | This WHO 'Report on the Global Tobacco Epidemic, 2008 - The MPOWER package' presents 'the first comprehensive worldwide analysis of tobacco use and control efforts. It provides countries with a roadmap to reverse the devastating global tobacco epidemic that could kill up to one billion people by the end of this century'. The report outlines a set of six tobacco control measures (the MPOWER package) that reflect and build on the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control.
Africa's new silent killer
01 Jan 2008 | This pdf (January-June 2008) of the WHO African Health Monitor, 'Fighting non-communicable diseases: Africa's new silent killer', tackles prevention and control of chronic non-communicable diseases in Africa. Topics include tobacco control, diet and nutrition, mental health, oral health, and health promotion.
Public health: ethical issues
13 Nov 2007 | This report by the Nuffield Council on Bioethics considers the responsibilities of government, industry, individuals and others in promoting the health of everyone. The Council concludes that the state has a particular duty to help people lead a healthy life and to reduce inequalities. It addresses obesity and tobacco use, in particular.
Plain packaging of tobacco
02 Aug 2007 | This report, 'The case for the plain packaging of tobacco products' (Becky Freeman, Simon Chapman and Matthew Rimmer) is published by the School of Public Health at the University of Sydney. It 'reviews available research into the likely impact of mandatory plain packaging and internal tobacco industry statements about the importance of packs as promotional vehicles. It critiques legal objections raised by the industry about plain packaging violating laws and international trade agreements, showing these to be without foundation. Plain packaging of all tobacco products would remove a key remaining means for the industry to promote its products to billions of the world’s smokers and future smokers.'
Tackling tobacco | 147.0 kB
31 May 2007 | This article, 'Tackling tobacco: multi-stakeholder approaches to a global health crisis' is by Christine Hancock and Katy Cooper of OxHA, and appeared in the Commonwealth Health Ministers' Book 2007. It highlights the need for holistic efforts to encourage healthy behaviour around the world, using tobacco control as an example.