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Publications about industry
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Publications about industry

The documents below relate to key issues, progress and events of relevance to OxHA.
Rebutting the tobacco industry
10 Nov 2009 | 'Rebutting the tobacco industry: winning smokefree air' is the 2009 status report of the Global Smokefree Partnership. The theme for the report is tobacco industry interference, and it is the first ' to detail the tobacco industry’s tactics to hold back legislation, alongside the positive impact of governments, organizations and individuals who are taking on Big Tobacco, and winning'.
Combating chronic disease
11 Jun 2009 | In an article published online in The Lancet on 11 June, Dr Betsy Nabel (Director of the NHLBI), Dr Simon Stevens (President of Global Health at UnitedHealth) and Dr Richard Smith (the initiative’s director) explain the development of, and need for, the NHLBI/UnitedHealth Chronic Disease Initiative, which creates a network of centres of excellence in low- and middle-income countries. There are currently 11 sites: Argentina, Bangladesh, China, Guatemala, two sites in India, Kenya, Peru, South Africa and Tanzania, Tunisia, and along the US/Mexico border. The article references the 3FOUR50 website.
Smoke-free movies
01 Jun 2009 | Subtitled 'From evidence to action', this WHO report calls for enforceable policies to restrict depiction of smoking in movies, which evidence shows may increase smoking among young people. it also recommends giving an adult rating to movies with scenes of smoking, to ensure that films marketed to young people do not include tobacco imagery.
National Preventative Health Taskforce | 2.4 MB
28 Apr 2009 | Presentation by Professor Mike Daube, 'The National Preventative Health Taskforce report - making it happen', given at a seminar held by the OxHA Asia-Pacific Centre in partnership with the Menzies Centre for Health Policy on 28 April 2009, entitled 'Our [Australia’s] journey to being the "healthiest country by 2020"'.
Richard Smith summit 09 | 223.1 kB
16 Apr 2009 | Presentation on the UnitedHealth Chronic Disease Initiative, given by Richard Smith at the OxHA summit '09.
Jonathan Horrell summit 09 | 76.0 kB
16 Apr 2009 | Presentation by Jonathan Horrell, Kraft Foods, on the Business4Life initiative, given in a session on 'The role of industry' at the OxHA summit 09.
Healthy Work
31 Mar 2009 | This report, from UK insurance company BUPA, uses more than 200 pieces of research to provide in-depth insight into how the health of British workers will change over the next two decades – an aging workforce, many of whom are likely to suffer from chronic disease. Partners in the report are OxHA, The Work Foundation and RAND Europe.
Hungry for change? | 2.8 MB
20 Mar 2009 | This is the Which? 'healthier choices progress report 2009', reporting on a campaign that has been running since 2004 to facilitate healthier food choices.
Obesity and food technology
13 Mar 2009 | A report by the American Council on Science and Health, which discusses using food technology as part of the solution for the public health problem of obesity.
mHealth for development
28 Feb 2009 | 'mHealth for Development: The Opportunity of Mobile Technology for Healthcare in the Developing World' examines issues at the heart of the rapidly evolving intersection of mobile phones and healthcare. The report, commissioned by the Vodafone Foundation and UN Foundation Partnership, was launched to coincide with the formation of a new alliance, the Mobile Health (mHealth) Alliance.
Deadly in pink
18 Feb 2009 | This report, 'Deadly in Pink: Big Tobacco Steps Up Its Targeting of Women and Girls', was issued by the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, American Heart Association, American Lung Association, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids. It warns that aggressive marketing campaigns aimed at women and girls in are putting health at risk, and urges the US Congress to regulate tobacco marketing by passing legislation granting the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authority over tobacco products. The website includes the report, images of the tobacco marketing campaigns and video.
Global tobacco control epidemic | 1004.0 kB
14 Nov 2008 | Comprehensive, 32-slide presentation (in pdf form) by Dr Harry Lando (University of Minnesota) on the tobacco epidemic and efforts to control it, including the epidemiology, industry behaviour, the FCTC, etc.
Advertising and sustainability | 49.9 kB
20 Oct 2008 | This is the Summary Report of an Oxford Dialogue on Advertising & Sustainability, held the University of Sydney, Australia on 20 October 2008. The discussion was on 'the meaning of sustainability to marketers and business – opportunities and risks', and it was convened by A/Professor Ruth Colagiuri (University of Sydney) and Mr Collin Segelov (Executive Director of the Australian Association of National Advertisers).
Nurture & grow your business | 1.7 MB
07 Oct 2008 | This is a report on the development of Business in the Community's Business Action on Health campaign over its first year. The campaign is promoting awareness of employee health and wellbeing as a strategic business issue among businesses and general audiences. OxHA is working with BITC - Christine Hancock spoke at the evening event that launched this report.
Regulation and public health?
02 Oct 2008 | Published in the BMJ's 'Head to Head' section, this article by Stig Pramming of OxHA argues 'Should we use regulation to demand improved public health outcomes from industry? - No'. Stephen Sugarman (in favour) argues that setting targets for companies will produce innovative solutions, but Stig Pramming believes collaboration is the best way to improve health.
Working Towards Wellness 'learnings' | 153.4 kB
23 Sep 2008 | This three-page pdf presents the issues, rationale and steps to be taken in developing a workplace wellness programme to promote chronic disease prevention. It is produced by the World Economic Forum's Working Towards Wellness initiative, of which OxHA is on the Project Board.
Working Towards Wellness initiative | 161.0 kB
23 Sep 2008 | A two-page document (September '08) introducing the World Economic Forum's cross-industry Working Towards Wellness initiative, launched in 2006. OxHA is a member of the project board. Its goals include creating a global network of industry leaders focused on chronic disease prevention, and providing tools for these leaders to better implement workplace wellness programmes around the world.
FTC: Marketing food to children | 2.8 MB
30 Jul 2008 | This major report, 'Marketing food to children and adolescents: a review of industry expenditures, activities, and self-regulation', by the Federal Trade Commission is the first accurately to assess the spending by 44 major US food and beverage companies on their marketing to children. In 2006, $1.6 billion was spent on advertising aimed at 2- to 17-year-olds. The report aims to be a benchmark for future years.
Workplace wellness: the food industry | 1.2 MB
24 Jul 2008 | This short brochure, 'Workplace wellness: the food industry in action', from the Food and Drink Federation, is a series of case studies from its member companies, promoting the positive changes they have made to health in their workplaces, including Danone, Mars UK and Tate & Lyle. More information also here:
Ambitions for health | 461.2 kB
09 Jul 2008 | 'Ambitions for Health – a strategic framework for maximising the potential of social marketing and health-related behaviour' is a document published by the Department of Health (UK) that sets out a new action plan to provide a clear steer on next steps for social marketing, building on the increasing appetite for its wider adoption throughout public health delivery systems. It sets out a strategic framework for a plan to work together with key leaders in the public health community to embed social marketing principles into health improvement programmes, and illustrates the practical tools being developed to build social marketing competencies and capacity in England.