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Publications about environmental design
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Publications about environmental design

The documents below relate to key issues, progress and events of relevance to OxHA.
Health and climate change
19 Sep 2009 | Article published in the Lancet (19 Sept 2009) by M. Jay and M.G. Marmot: 'It will require a new mindset: that the measures needed to mitigate the risks of climate change and adapt to its already inevitable effects provide an opportunity to achieve goals that are desirable in their own right—the achievement of the MDGs in poor countries and a healthier, more equal society in the rich world and globally. Failure to agree radical reductions in emissions spells a global health catastrophe, which is why health professionals must put their case forcefully now and after Copenhagen.'
Healthy Parks Healthy People Congress 2010 | 16.4 kB
30 Jun 2009 | The inaugural international Healthy Parks Healthy People Congress 2010 will be held in Melbourne from 11 to 16 April 2010, and the call for proposals is now open (see attached, and Parks Victoria will host the event, a unique opportunity to bring together delegates from all relevant sectors (i.e. planning, community development, physical and mental health, tourism, climate change, education, recreation, ecology and park management) to explore how we can take better advantage of the way nature significantly contributes to our wellbeing and broader societal benefits.
Population adiposity and climate change
19 Apr 2009 | International Journal of Epidemiology article by Phil Edwards and Ian Roberts (LSHTM) that estimates the impact on greenhouse gas emissions of increases in the population distribution of body mass index: 'Compared with a normal population distribution of BMI, a population with 40% obese requires 19% more food energy for its total energy expenditure. Greenhouse gas emissions from food production and car travel due to increases in adiposity in a population of 1 billion are estimated to be between 0.4 Giga tonnes (GT) and 1.0 GT of carbon dioxide equivalents per year.'
Fiona Adshead summit 09 | 260.0 kB
16 Apr 2009 | Presentation on 'Non-communicable disease risk factors', given by Dr Fiona Adshead (World Health Organization) at the OxHA summit '09.
Obesity epidemic: analysis
20 Mar 2009 | 'The obesity epidemic: analysis of past and project future trends in selected OECD countries', by Franco Sassi, Marion Devaux, Michele Cecchini and Elena Rusticelli, is an OECD Health Working Paper (no. 45). It 'provides an overview of past and projected future trends in adult overweight and obesity in OECD countries. Using individual-level data from repeated cross-sectional national surveys, some of the main determinants and pathways underlying the current obesity epidemic are explored, and possible policy levers for tackling the negative health effect of these trends are identified', and focuses particularly on 'obesogenic environments'.
Food and walkability in NYC
01 Mar 2009 | 'Neighborhood food environment and walkability predict obesity in New York City', by Andrew Rundle et al., was published in Environmental Health Perspectives 117(3). It concluded 'Access to BMI-healthy food stores is associated with lower BMI and lower prevalence of obesity.'
Climate change and health
27 Feb 2009 | New South Wales Public Health Bulletin 20(1-2): A new collection of papers that originated after the OxHA Forum on Healthy and Sustainable Cities, held in Sydney after the OxHA summit in 2008, edited by Tony Capon.
Access to healthy foods
01 Feb 2009 | This article, 'Neighborhood Environments: disparities in access to healthy foods in the U.S.', Am J Prev Med 2009;36(1):74–81, is by Nicole I. Larson, Mary T. Story and Melissa C. Nelson. It reviews research relating to the presence, nature, and implications of neighbourhood differences (neighbourhood deprivation, neighbourhood minority composition, and low area population density) for access to food.
Climate change, public health, inequalities
30 Nov 2008 | 'Climate change, public health and health inequalities - a resource for environmental health practitioners' is published by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health in the UK. It 'sets out the key arguments surrounding climate change and calls upon local authorities, in particular, to take action. It gives examples of what they can do to combat the impacts of climate change and contains a comprehensive list of further information sources.'
Fit City in Smartmoves | 1.4 MB
06 Oct 2008 | This short article (at the bottom of the pages) about OxHA's Fit City competition appears in the UK Department of Transport's Smartmoves magazine, issue 5 (October 2008). The full magazine can be found at
Design for play
30 Sep 2008 | This UK document, 'Design for play: a guide for creating successful play spaces', is intended primarily for commissioners and designers of children’s play areas, to support good practice in the development and improvement of public play space. It presents guiding principles, suggested approaches and aims to inspire innovative and creative ideas.
Neighbourhood design and physical activity
01 Sep 2008 | The article by Lee and Moudon was published in Building Research & Information 36(5). It surveyed nearly 700 people in Washington state to assess what motivates them to take physical activity (walking/cycling) in their local area – reasons cited include social aspects (knowing neighbours, availability of benches), safety (seeing others walking/cycling, traffic calming, streetlighting, bike lanes), aesthetics (street trees, visual quality of the neighbourhood), available destinations (e.g. shops within walking distance) and availability of sports facilities and bike racks.
OxHA/AHPI sustainability seminars 2006 | 475.1 kB
14 Aug 2008 | Monograph containing detailed reports on three seminars held in 2006, organised by the Asia Pacific regional centre of OxHA. The three seminars were 'Policy responses to contemporary health issues: sustainability', 'Occupational health and safety' and 'New models of primary prevention: how well do they translate into action?'
3.4.50 - Prevenir para revertir los números | 1.5 MB
15 Jul 2008 | [Spanish] Article from 'Yo con Diabetes', issue 12 (July/August 2008), comprising an interview with Dr Jorge Ramirez, principal investigator on the Mexico CIH site.
HIA of greenspace: a guide
30 Jun 2008 | This guide is published by Health Scotland, greenspace scotland, Scottish Natural Heritage and the Institute of Occupational Medicine. The guide has been written to help people conduct a health impact assessment of greenspace, and provides background information on greenspace, outlines the current greenspace policy context in Scotland, reviews international research evidence on greenspace and health, suggests some questions to help apply this evidence to specific greenspace or greenspace-related proposals, outlines how to use this evidence to do a HIA, provides short case studies describing completed HIAs of greenspace, and highlights sources of data and further information on greenspace.
Food and the environment | 1.3 MB
18 Jun 2008 | This presentation (here in pdf form) was given by Julie Woods, of Monash University, for the Public Health Association of Australia, Food and Nutrition Special Interest Group. It provides a clear and graphic explanation of the links between the environment (particularly climate change) and the food that we eat.
Our cities, our health, our future
31 May 2008 | Subtitled ‘Acting on social determinants for health equity in urban settings’, this final report to the WHO Commission on Social Determinants of Health from the Knowledge Network on Urban Settings suggests that ‘failure to eliminate the intolerable living conditions among the poor in the world’s cities, at a time when immense financial and technical resources are available globally, suggests a deplorable disregard for the principle of health as a human right by decisionmakers in the global community.’ It includes photos, case studies and charts. (Please note that the pdf is over 4 MB.)
Health, place and nature - Powerpoint | 3.6 MB
31 Mar 2008 | This is a slide set launched in conjunction with a pdf document 'Health, place and nature - how outdoor environments influence health and well-being: a knowledge base', published by the UK's Sustainable Development Commission.
Health, place and nature | 325.2 kB
31 Mar 2008 | Subtitled 'How outdoor environments influence health and well-being: a knowledge base', this brings together evidence on how exposure to natural spaces is good for health. It is published by the UK's Sustainable Development Commission, and was released in conjunction with a slide set (also posted here), which all are encouraged to use.
Urban health and healthy weights | 1.6 MB
18 Mar 2008 | The 'State of the Evidence Review on Urban Health and Healthy Weights' brings together findings of hundreds of population health studies, highlighting aspects of the urban environment that affect our ability to maintain a healthy weight. Its main message is that 'evidence exists for associations between aspects of the urban environment and behaviours contributing to obesity.' It is written by the Canadian Population Health Initiative.