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Comments by OxHA

From time to time, the OxHA secretariat, management or board comment online on recent publications or submit documents as part of consultation processes.


24 April: OxHA’s board and executive director comment on the 18 April draft of the WHO action plan for the global strategy on NCDs.

19 March: Written evidence given by Christine Hancock (for OxHA) to the UK Local Government Association's Health Commission.

19 March: Comment on a new resource document by NIOSH, the Essential Elements of Effective Workplace Programs and Policies for Improving Worker Health and Wellbeing.


13 May: OxHA submitted a paper to the Commonwealth Health Ministers' meeting in Geneva, on 'Using best practice in lifestyle diseases to strengthen health systems'

  • Click here >> for a precis of the submission (see p. 13 of the document)

30 November: Submission by OxHA to a Call for Evidence on workplace health, from Dame Carol Black, the UK Government’s national director for health and work.


12 January: Professor David Matthews (OCDEM) and Katy Cooper (OxHA) respond to Yach et al., 'Epidemiological and economic consequences of the global epidemics of obesity and diabetes' in Nature Medicine 12(1).