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Brief introductions to key issues in chronic disease prevention
Prevention Works poster
OxHA has produced a poster, Prevention Works, highlighting the three risk factors that need addressing when working to prevent chronic disease.
OxHA note to Prime Minister's Office
Expert paper commissioned by the Office of the Prime Minister, Tony Blair, following a seminar on public health.
Three risk factors: fact pack
26 May 2006 | OxHA slide presentation of information on the three risk factors of smoking, lack of physical activity and unhealthy diet.
The costs of chronic disease
In many developing countries, economic growth is leading to a fall in infectious diseases and abject poverty – but this growth will be undermined by increasing costs of chronic care unless action is taken.
Risk factor: Tobacco
Tobacco is the fourth most common risk factor for disease, and the second major cause of death in the world. Without urgent action, tobacco use is projected to cause 450 million deaths worldwide in the next 50 years.
Risk factor: Physical activity
Insufficient physical activity is a risk factor in many chronic diseases - it is estimated to cause 1.9 million deaths worldwide each year. Over half of the world's population do not reach recommended levels of physical activity.
Human rights and health
There is no such thing as a right to be ‘healthy’. Instead, there is a right to ‘the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health’, often shortened to the ‘right to health’. A human rights approach can be useful in addressing chronic disease.
Risk factor: Diet
A global 'nutrition transition' is under way. Obesity levels are rising, with a concurrent increase in chronic diseases, such as diabetes.