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A searchable library of information on chronic disease and the major risk factors.

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OxHA flyers, slides and poster


Short brochure about the 3FOUR50 interactive website.

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An OxHA poster of the three risk factors. This is a high-resolution pdf that is suitable for printing up to A2 size.

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Slides: the risk factors fact pack
This is a set of 36 slides, presenting facts about the effects of smoking, lack of physical activity and unhealthy diet, both on the individual and on society more widely (updated August 2007).

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 OxHA flyer 

 OxHA flyer
This leaflet provides brief information on the problem of the epidemic of chronic disease, and the work of the Oxford Health Alliance (regularly updated).

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Chronic disease: an economic perspective

Chronic disease: an economic perspective 104x144 

A new report that demonstrates that chronic diseases – heart and lung disease, cancer and diabetes – are having a negative economic impact on both the developed and developing world and should thus be adequately addressed by domestic and international policy makers.

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Other OxHA publications

CD image 134x134


OxHA selected videos

To receive free copies of our new CD of videos, produced for OxHA events between 2003 and 2005, please email

  • Includes: Transforming School Food (Jamie Oliver, Alice Waters, Kelly Brownell talk about the importance of school food) and the introductory video The Journey So Far.

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Annual Report '05 cover


Annual Review '05

We released our Annual Review at the '05 meeting – a snapshot of chronic disease and the risk factors in the world today.

 Case for action 


The case for action

The Oxford Health Alliance has published a short brochure introducing the case for action to prevent chronic disease through tackling the risk factors.


The resources in this section have been collected together to further knowledge on chronic disease prevention and to ease access to information on topics of relevance to the work of the Oxford Health Alliance. Copyright may obtain to third parties.

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