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Alerts about youth
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Alerts about youth

Worried kids become fatter adults
11 Sep 2009 | Emotional anxiety in childhood increases risk of obesity
Obesity 'spreads' among young people
31 Jul 2009 | Teenagers with overweight friends tend to gain weight themselves
Free fruit for EU children
16 Jun 2009 | €90 million for fresh fruit and veg
‘Recession obesity’ fear in the US
05 Jun 2009 | Child well-being suffers as economy slumps
World No Tobacco Day in India
03 Jun 2009 | Launch of report on smoking in Thiruvananthapuram
‘Simpsons’ criticised over smoking
02 Jun 2009 | Cartoon features ‘large number’ of smoking-related scenes
Children damaged by passive smoking
23 Apr 2009 | Two reports on the impact on children of second-hand smoke
Study links child overweight and COPD
09 Apr 2009 | Overweight children more prone to lung problems in middle age
NIH launches new partnership
30 Mar 2009 | We Can! initiative against child obesity working with Subway
Asthma more common...
04 Mar 2009 | ...among inactive young children
More help needed for young diabetics
02 Mar 2009 | Children in the UK with type 2 diabetes need assistance with lifestyle change
Impacts of child inactivity, poor diet
24 Feb 2009 | UK NGOs: ‘frightening’ lack of parental awareness of health consequences
‘I love my healthy active childhood’
04 Feb 2009 | World Cancer Day 2009 focuses on starting healthy habits early
Growing toll of diabetes in US
30 Jan 2009 | 13% of US adults have the disease; 16% of teens have pre-diabetes
Warning over 'third-hand smoke'
09 Jan 2009 | Small children and pregnant women most at risk
Kids’ ‘media’ link to unhealthy lifestyles
03 Dec 2008 | Study indicates greater exposure to TV, etc., impacts upon obesity and tobacco use
Fast-food ads and children’s weight
21 Nov 2008 | Economists estimate impact of ad ban on kids’ TV
Food pyramid – for under-fives
27 Oct 2008 | New help for parents to choose balanced diet for young children
‘Winter Sunshine Sports’?
26 Oct 2008 | Chinese schoolchildren to run 100s of kilometres over winter
Latvia: anti-smoking measures
24 Oct 2008 | New steps being taken to reduce high levels of smoking