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Alerts about workplace health promotion
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Alerts about workplace health promotion

'Work with heart'
27 Sep 2009 | World Heart Day 2009 theme of workplace health
US bill to encourage health at work
16 Jul 2009 | Healthy habits may cut insurance premiums for employees
29 Jun 2009 | CDC launches website to help SMEs with workplace health
UK business: £2bn smoking price tag
08 Jun 2009 | LSE publishes first estimate of direct costs of smoking
ALIVE: workplace health success
22 May 2009 | A Lifestyle Intervention Via Email programme supports behaviour change
'Healthy Work' in the UK?
31 Mar 2009 | BUPA reports on the health future facing British business
‘WorkHealth’ pilot success
08 Mar 2009 | Workplace health programme in Victoria to be rolled out more widely
Singapore SMEs’ workplace health
12 Feb 2009 | Prevention and education to be priorities
Credit crunches employee wellbeing?
16 Oct 2008 | Financial woes must not mean less focus on health
World Mental Health Day
12 Oct 2008 | Highlighting the links between chronic disease and mental health
Psychiatric sick leave 'link to early death'
03 Oct 2008 | Another reason to take workplace health seriously
Companies save in promoting health
26 Sep 2008 | Lower insurance costs for businesses engaged in health promotion
Take the stairs for life!
04 Sep 2008 | Small study on benefits of jettisoning use of the lift
‘Business HealthCheck’ launched
02 Jul 2008 | Tool to help UK business better understand investment in employee health
Physical inactivity in Ho Chi Minh City
27 Jun 2008 | Report shows profound changes in lifestyle in urban Vietnam
'Creating a Healthier NHS'
19 Jun 2008 | UK health service pilots well-being assessments for staff
The benefits of cycling
05 Jun 2008 | Commuting by bike saves health industry millions
Smoking bad for health... and career
30 Apr 2008 | Factory in the US suspends workers found to be lying about their smoking habit
How did you get to work today?
24 Apr 2008 | UK campaign to encourage commuters to walk
Obesity costing US employers $45bn a year
14 Apr 2008 | New report shows cost of obesity in terms of medical expenses and lost work