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Alerts about physical activity
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Alerts about physical activity

Transition in Bangladesh
23 Jun 2009 | Research assesses ‘massive’ epidemiological changes in rural Matlab
Diabetes to rocket in Asia
27 May 2009 | JAMA predicts over 60% of cases likely to occur in Asia
The importance of ‘walkability’
04 May 2009 | Canada: the effects of neighbourhoods on health and personal savings
OxHA Summit '09
20 Apr 2009 | Successful sixth meeting of global experts in chronic disease prevention
Get walking!
07 Apr 2009 | São Paulo leads World Day for Physical Activity
Health inequalities in UK
16 Mar 2009 | New report highly critical of lack of evaluation of interventions
How do we react to fitness ads?
10 Mar 2009 | Context may play role in whether we exercise – or eat!
Asthma more common...
04 Mar 2009 | ...among inactive young children
Parisian bikes are a steal...
24 Feb 2009 | Scheme a great success – but cost of theft is crippling
Impacts of child inactivity, poor diet
24 Feb 2009 | UK NGOs: ‘frightening’ lack of parental awareness of health consequences
Exercise reduces risk of colon cancer
16 Feb 2009 | More evidence on benefits of physical activity
China: National Fitness Day announced
16 Jan 2009 | Exercise to be promoted annually on anniversary of Olympics
Getting moving in Recife, Brazil
04 Jan 2009 | Positive effect of community-based physical activity intervention
2009: The year of living healthily?
02 Jan 2009 | UK government launches ‘lifestyle revolution’
More 'healthy towns'...
11 Nov 2008 | ...this time encouraging anti-obesity innovation in England
Awards for healthy city innovation
04 Nov 2008 | Obesity and chronic disease tackled in Latin America
Physical activity cuts breast cancer risk
02 Nov 2008 | Vigorous exercise reduces risk in post-menopausal women, particularly those who are not overweight
‘Winter Sunshine Sports’?
26 Oct 2008 | Chinese schoolchildren to run 100s of kilometres over winter
Physical activity and stroke
23 Oct 2008 | Exercise may reduce severity as well as likelihood of stroke
Obesity: transition in Chile
17 Oct 2008 | Clear effects of nutritional, epidemiological and demographic changes