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Alerts about industry
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Alerts about industry

$13.8m damages to smoker’s daughter
25 Aug 2009 | Family wins latest round against Philip Morris
No tax breaks for tobacco companies
20 Aug 2009 | Important regulatory step forward in China
Calorie counting in hospital cafés
14 Aug 2009 | Food choices of employees and visitors influenced by labelling
Corner-shop help from Change4Life
03 Aug 2009 | UK government support for local sales of fruit and veg
WASH highlights varying salt content
24 Jul 2009 | Research shows variations in salt levels of global brands between countries
Cracking down on tobacco
30 Jun 2009 | Greece and Australia implement tough new laws
Chronic disease initiative launched
12 Jun 2009 | UnitedHealth and NHLBI collaborate on network of 11 centres of excellence
‘Heart age calculator’
10 Jun 2009 | A new way to look at an individual’s risk of developing CVD
UK business: £2bn smoking price tag
08 Jun 2009 | LSE publishes first estimate of direct costs of smoking
World No Tobacco Day 2009
31 May 2009 | Pictorial health warnings highlighted
The importance of ‘walkability’
04 May 2009 | Canada: the effects of neighbourhoods on health and personal savings
OxHA Summit '09
20 Apr 2009 | Successful sixth meeting of global experts in chronic disease prevention
Coke in advertising storm
06 Apr 2009 | Coca-Cola forced to retract misleading statements
Tobacco campaigner wins BMJ award
03 Apr 2009 | OxHA congratulates Judith Mackay on Lifetime Achievement Award
'Healthy Work' in the UK?
31 Mar 2009 | BUPA reports on the health future facing British business
NIH launches new partnership
30 Mar 2009 | We Can! initiative against child obesity working with Subway
Portugal to legislate on salt
13 Mar 2009 | Bill calls for 25% salt reduction in bread
Tobacco Atlas: latest edition
12 Mar 2009 | Catastrophic growing toll of tobacco documented
How do we react to fitness ads?
10 Mar 2009 | Context may play role in whether we exercise – or eat!
BAT: ‘NZ’s worst corporate citizen’
03 Mar 2009 | Tobacco company wins ‘Roger’ award