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Alerts about economics
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Alerts about economics

$13.8m damages to smoker’s daughter
25 Aug 2009 | Family wins latest round against Philip Morris
Obesity link to debt
12 Aug 2009 | Germany: over-indebted are 2.5 times more likely to be obese
US bill to encourage health at work
16 Jul 2009 | Healthy habits may cut insurance premiums for employees
UK business: £2bn smoking price tag
08 Jun 2009 | LSE publishes first estimate of direct costs of smoking
‘Recession obesity’ fear in the US
05 Jun 2009 | Child well-being suffers as economy slumps
China: Financial impact of stroke
11 May 2009 | Over a third of stroke patients pushed below the poverty line
Costs of tobacco...
09 May 2009 | Two reports on the link between cost of cigarettes and smoking prevalence
Are financial incentives an answer?
26 Mar 2009 | Health England: obesity, smoking rates could be improved
NY state ponders ‘obesity tax’
16 Dec 2008 | High-calorie versions of soft drinks face proposed tax of 15%
Belt-tightening leads to expanding waistlines
22 Nov 2008 | Sales of cheap, unhealthy food on the rise
Credit crunch increases smoking
12 Nov 2008 | Americans smoke more in hard times, jeopardising long-term health.
Huge rise in cost of diabetes drugs in US
28 Oct 2008 | $12.5 billion spent in 2007
Credit crunches employee wellbeing?
16 Oct 2008 | Financial woes must not mean less focus on health
World Health Report 2008 launch
15 Oct 2008 | 'Primary Health Care – Now More Than Ever’
Companies save in promoting health
26 Sep 2008 | Lower insurance costs for businesses engaged in health promotion
Estimating the economic burden of CVD
25 Sep 2008 | Brazil: the cost is billions of dollars each year
Fruit & veg: a recipe for a healthy economy
01 Sep 2008 | More evidence on wide benefits of healthy diets
Kids knowledgeable on ‘5-a-day’
25 Jun 2008 | …but rising prices are putting healthy options out of reach in England
The benefits of cycling
05 Jun 2008 | Commuting by bike saves health industry millions
Ban on junk food machines in hospitals
25 Mar 2008 | Welsh health minister says crisps, chocolates and sugary drinks will be removed