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Alerts about diet
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Alerts about diet

WHF job opening
22 Sep 2009 | Project on reducing CVD through fat substitution
Worried kids become fatter adults
11 Sep 2009 | Emotional anxiety in childhood increases risk of obesity
New research: asthma and waistlines
26 Aug 2009 | Women with waist measurement ≥88cm are more at risk
Calorie counting in hospital cafés
14 Aug 2009 | Food choices of employees and visitors influenced by labelling
Obesity link to debt
12 Aug 2009 | Germany: over-indebted are 2.5 times more likely to be obese
America still on path to obesity
10 Aug 2009 | Nationwide survey conducted from 2005-2009 offers stark figures on overweight
Corner-shop help from Change4Life
03 Aug 2009 | UK government support for local sales of fruit and veg
Obesity 'spreads' among young people
31 Jul 2009 | Teenagers with overweight friends tend to gain weight themselves
WASH highlights varying salt content
24 Jul 2009 | Research shows variations in salt levels of global brands between countries
29 Jun 2009 | CDC launches website to help SMEs with workplace health
Transition in Bangladesh
23 Jun 2009 | Research assesses ‘massive’ epidemiological changes in rural Matlab
Free fruit for EU children
16 Jun 2009 | €90 million for fresh fruit and veg
‘Recession obesity’ fear in the US
05 Jun 2009 | Child well-being suffers as economy slumps
Diabetes to rocket in Asia
27 May 2009 | JAMA predicts over 60% of cases likely to occur in Asia
Bad for you; bad for the planet
22 Apr 2009 | Alert for Earth Day - staying a healthy weight may help in the fight against climate change
OxHA Summit '09
20 Apr 2009 | Successful sixth meeting of global experts in chronic disease prevention
Study links child overweight and COPD
09 Apr 2009 | Overweight children more prone to lung problems in middle age
Coke in advertising storm
06 Apr 2009 | Coca-Cola forced to retract misleading statements
NIH launches new partnership
30 Mar 2009 | We Can! initiative against child obesity working with Subway
UAE: obesity and pregnancy
25 Mar 2009 | Over ¼ of pregnant women are obese and have diabetes