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Alerts about environmental design
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Alerts about environmental design

The importance of ‘walkability’
04 May 2009 | Canada: the effects of neighbourhoods on health and personal savings
Bad for you; bad for the planet
22 Apr 2009 | Alert for Earth Day - staying a healthy weight may help in the fight against climate change
Awards for healthy city innovation
04 Nov 2008 | Obesity and chronic disease tackled in Latin America
Pollution a factor in overweight?
07 Sep 2008 | Study claims exposure in womb leads to increase in chance of obesity
Old neighbourhoods are less obesogenic
20 Aug 2008 | More US evidence on impact of built environment on physical activity
Physical inactivity in Ho Chi Minh City
27 Jun 2008 | Report shows profound changes in lifestyle in urban Vietnam
‘Healthy towns’ in the UK
12 Jun 2008 | £30 million fund to encourage healthy innovation
The benefits of cycling
05 Jun 2008 | Commuting by bike saves health industry millions
How did you get to work today?
24 Apr 2008 | UK campaign to encourage commuters to walk
‘Protecting health from climate change’
07 Apr 2008 | World Health Day links health and environment
Forum on Healthy & Sustainable Cities
04 Mar 2008 | Multidisciplinary experts gather to discuss environment and health
Launch of Sydney Resolution
28 Feb 2008 | Call to action to prevent chronic diseases launched at OxHA '08 Summit
“Cities must encourage health”
18 Feb 2008 | International Obesity Task Force calls for planning rethink to promote healthier environments
Grand Challenges for Chronic NCDs
21 Nov 2007 | Consensus created by health experts offers a global prescription
Car buying bodes ill for long-term health
07 Nov 2007 | New Delhi suffers as air pollution rises
WHO Western Pacific meeting on NCDs
06 Nov 2007 | Sixty health officials meet to find ways to improve prevention of chronic diseases
Urban redesign needed in Australia…
29 Oct 2007 | …to help combat rising levels of obesity in the country
Geography determines obesity
30 Aug 2007 | University of Washington study shows property values predict local obesity rates
Cars fuel 'twin crises'
14 Aug 2007 | Report by the IEEP argues that car use is contributing to obesity epidemic and climate change
'Building Health'
27 Jul 2007 | New report addresses what needs to be done to create places that encourage physical activity