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Alerts about NGOs/IGOs
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Alerts about NGOs/IGOs

'Work with heart'
27 Sep 2009 | World Heart Day 2009 theme of workplace health
WHF job opening
22 Sep 2009 | Project on reducing CVD through fat substitution
WASH highlights varying salt content
24 Jul 2009 | Research shows variations in salt levels of global brands between countries
‘Heart age calculator’
10 Jun 2009 | A new way to look at an individual’s risk of developing CVD
World No Tobacco Day 2009
31 May 2009 | Pictorial health warnings highlighted
NGO statement on NCDs
19 May 2009 | IDF, UICC and WHF join forces to call for action
OxHA Summit '09
20 Apr 2009 | Successful sixth meeting of global experts in chronic disease prevention
Get walking!
07 Apr 2009 | São Paulo leads World Day for Physical Activity
Coke in advertising storm
06 Apr 2009 | Coca-Cola forced to retract misleading statements
American Diabetes Alert Day
24 Mar 2009 | ‘Wake-up’ call to tell the US public about the dangers of diabetes
Tobacco Atlas: latest edition
12 Mar 2009 | Catastrophic growing toll of tobacco documented
BAT: ‘NZ’s worst corporate citizen’
03 Mar 2009 | Tobacco company wins ‘Roger’ award
Wear Red for women with heart disease
06 Feb 2009 | US awareness-raising on women and heart disease
‘I love my healthy active childhood’
04 Feb 2009 | World Cancer Day 2009 focuses on starting healthy habits early
Battling obesity in Chicago
13 Jan 2009 | Salvation Army partners with local university to help families lead healthier lives
World COPD Day
19 Nov 2008 | Highlighting a growing public health problem
Blue light for World Diabetes Day
14 Nov 2008 | Monuments and buildings lit up to raise awareness
‘Death clock’ shows tobacco toll
21 Oct 2008 | Discussion begins on FCTC protocol on illicit tobacco trade
World Health Report 2008 launch
15 Oct 2008 | 'Primary Health Care – Now More Than Ever’
Fears over electronic cigarettes
09 Oct 2008 | Booming sales of unregulated product