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2009-Q3 (July-Sept)
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2009-Q3 (July-Sept)

Alliance Alerts for the third quarter of 2009.
'Work with heart'
27 Sep 2009 | World Heart Day 2009 theme of workplace health
WHF job opening
22 Sep 2009 | Project on reducing CVD through fat substitution
Worried kids become fatter adults
11 Sep 2009 | Emotional anxiety in childhood increases risk of obesity
Senior vacancies in chronic disease
27 Aug 2009 | ICDDR,B and CDC both seeking exceptional candidates
New research: asthma and waistlines
26 Aug 2009 | Women with waist measurement ≥88cm are more at risk
$13.8m damages to smoker’s daughter
25 Aug 2009 | Family wins latest round against Philip Morris
No tax breaks for tobacco companies
20 Aug 2009 | Important regulatory step forward in China
Calorie counting in hospital cafés
14 Aug 2009 | Food choices of employees and visitors influenced by labelling
Obesity link to debt
12 Aug 2009 | Germany: over-indebted are 2.5 times more likely to be obese
America still on path to obesity
10 Aug 2009 | Nationwide survey conducted from 2005-2009 offers stark figures on overweight
Corner-shop help from Change4Life
03 Aug 2009 | UK government support for local sales of fruit and veg
Obesity 'spreads' among young people
31 Jul 2009 | Teenagers with overweight friends tend to gain weight themselves
FDA: e-cigarettes contain toxins
28 Jul 2009 | Replacements for cigarettes now shown to contain carcinogens
WASH highlights varying salt content
24 Jul 2009 | Research shows variations in salt levels of global brands between countries
CVD in Developing Countries conference
22 Jul 2009 | Day-long online conference on 22 July
Turkey bans smoking in bars, restaurants
20 Jul 2009 | Fines for failure to implement new laws
US bill to encourage health at work
16 Jul 2009 | Healthy habits may cut insurance premiums for employees