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2009-Q1 (Jan-Mar)
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2009-Q1 (Jan-Mar)

Alliance Alerts for the first quarter of 2009.
'Healthy Work' in the UK?
31 Mar 2009 | BUPA reports on the health future facing British business
NIH launches new partnership
30 Mar 2009 | We Can! initiative against child obesity working with Subway
Are financial incentives an answer?
26 Mar 2009 | Health England: obesity, smoking rates could be improved
UAE: obesity and pregnancy
25 Mar 2009 | Over ¼ of pregnant women are obese and have diabetes
American Diabetes Alert Day
24 Mar 2009 | ‘Wake-up’ call to tell the US public about the dangers of diabetes
China: lack of diabetes knowledge
22 Mar 2009 | 2/3 of Chinese diabetics do not realise they have the disease
Health inequalities in UK
16 Mar 2009 | New report highly critical of lack of evaluation of interventions
Portugal to legislate on salt
13 Mar 2009 | Bill calls for 25% salt reduction in bread
Tobacco Atlas: latest edition
12 Mar 2009 | Catastrophic growing toll of tobacco documented
How do we react to fitness ads?
10 Mar 2009 | Context may play role in whether we exercise – or eat!
‘WorkHealth’ pilot success
08 Mar 2009 | Workplace health programme in Victoria to be rolled out more widely
Asthma more common...
04 Mar 2009 | ...among inactive young children
BAT: ‘NZ’s worst corporate citizen’
03 Mar 2009 | Tobacco company wins ‘Roger’ award
More help needed for young diabetics
02 Mar 2009 | Children in the UK with type 2 diabetes need assistance with lifestyle change
Tobacco campaigner up for BMJ award
28 Feb 2009 | Message from Professor Mackay
260 mill Chinese have chronic disease
27 Feb 2009 | Number of sufferers is rising by 10 million a year
New alliance on health, mobile phones
26 Feb 2009 | mHealth brings together UN, Rockefeller and Vodafone
Parisian bikes are a steal...
24 Feb 2009 | Scheme a great success – but cost of theft is crippling
Impacts of child inactivity, poor diet
24 Feb 2009 | UK NGOs: ‘frightening’ lack of parental awareness of health consequences
Medpedia website now fully live
18 Feb 2009 | Free online tool hopes to transform how we acquire health information