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2008-Q4 (Oct-Dec)
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2008-Q4 (Oct-Dec)

Alliance Alerts for October to December 2008.
WHF and WHO highlight risk factors
19 Dec 2008 | WHF calls for integrated approach to killer diseases
New lawsuits await big tobacco
17 Dec 2008 | Companies can be sued over ‘light’ and ‘low-tar’ labels in US
NY state ponders ‘obesity tax’
16 Dec 2008 | High-calorie versions of soft drinks face proposed tax of 15%
Food companies ‘misleading’ parents
15 Dec 2008 | New UK report highlights ‘spurious health claims’ of some manufacturers
Health as an essential human right
10 Dec 2008 | OxHA focuses on 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
King’s Fund advice to help ‘kick bad habits’
08 Dec 2008 | More sophistication needed to tackle UK’s unhealthy lifestyles
Kids’ ‘media’ link to unhealthy lifestyles
03 Dec 2008 | Study indicates greater exposure to TV, etc., impacts upon obesity and tobacco use
ICDDR,B chronic diseases programme
27 Nov 2008 | Last chance to apply for the post of head of this new programme
Obesity guidelines in India
26 Nov 2008 | Tighter strictures attempt to counter obesity/diabetes epidemic
Health inequalities in Canada
25 Nov 2008 | Higher hospitalisation rates among lower-income groups
Belt-tightening leads to expanding waistlines
22 Nov 2008 | Sales of cheap, unhealthy food on the rise
Fast-food ads and children’s weight
21 Nov 2008 | Economists estimate impact of ad ban on kids’ TV
World COPD Day
19 Nov 2008 | Highlighting a growing public health problem
Blue light for World Diabetes Day
14 Nov 2008 | Monuments and buildings lit up to raise awareness
Credit crunch increases smoking
12 Nov 2008 | Americans smoke more in hard times, jeopardising long-term health.
More 'healthy towns'...
11 Nov 2008 | ...this time encouraging anti-obesity innovation in England
Awards for healthy city innovation
04 Nov 2008 | Obesity and chronic disease tackled in Latin America
Physical activity cuts breast cancer risk
02 Nov 2008 | Vigorous exercise reduces risk in post-menopausal women, particularly those who are not overweight
Huge rise in cost of diabetes drugs in US
28 Oct 2008 | $12.5 billion spent in 2007
Food pyramid – for under-fives
27 Oct 2008 | New help for parents to choose balanced diet for young children