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2008-Q3 (July-Sept)
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2008-Q3 (July-Sept)

Alliance Alerts for July to September 2008.
Hollywood stars were paid to smoke
28 Sep 2008 | Tobacco endorsement rife in mid-20th century
Companies save in promoting health
26 Sep 2008 | Lower insurance costs for businesses engaged in health promotion
Estimating the economic burden of CVD
25 Sep 2008 | Brazil: the cost is billions of dollars each year
Evidence on overweight and heart attack
23 Sep 2008 | Obesity can be more of an influence even than smoking
Exercise can ‘cut diabetes risk' in women
18 Sep 2008 | 7-week programme shown to increase chance of staying healthy
How to avoid over half of early deaths
17 Sep 2008 | Latest from major study points to impact of healthy living
How active are your kids?
12 Sep 2008 | New data suggest UK parents greatly overestimate activity levels
Russia: regulator takes tobacco action
11 Sep 2008 | BAT threatened with legal action on rights infringement
Smoking ban announced in India
09 Sep 2008 | From October, smoking will be prohibited in public places
Pollution a factor in overweight?
07 Sep 2008 | Study claims exposure in womb leads to increase in chance of obesity
Take the stairs for life!
04 Sep 2008 | Small study on benefits of jettisoning use of the lift
Second-hand smoke in Brazil
03 Sep 2008 | Passive smoking kills seven urban dwellers a day
Fruit & veg: a recipe for a healthy economy
01 Sep 2008 | More evidence on wide benefits of healthy diets
‘Closing the gap’
28 Aug 2008 | Final Report of the WHO Commission on Social Determinants of Health
Sign the World Cancer Declaration
27 Aug 2008 | Help to galvanise action on cancer prevention
China: MSG and obesity
27 Aug 2008 | Study links food additive to overweight
Impact of Australian anti-smoking ads
25 Aug 2008 | Evidence of effect of graphic ads on tobacco habits
Old neighbourhoods are less obesogenic
20 Aug 2008 | More US evidence on impact of built environment on physical activity
Is Olympic fortnight inspiring exercise...
18 Aug 2008 | ... or merely encouraging couch potatoes?
Plan to increase fruit and veg intake
14 Aug 2008 | Government help for corner shops in England