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2008-Q2 (April–June)
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2008-Q2 (April–June)

Alliance Alerts for April to June 2008.
Health systems, health and wealth…
27 Jun 2008 | … for 21st century Europe – WHO conference
Physical inactivity in Ho Chi Minh City
27 Jun 2008 | Report shows profound changes in lifestyle in urban Vietnam
Kids knowledgeable on ‘5-a-day’
25 Jun 2008 | …but rising prices are putting healthy options out of reach in England
Waist measuring in Japan
20 Jun 2008 | Introduction of compulsory checks on waistlines
'Creating a Healthier NHS'
19 Jun 2008 | UK health service pilots well-being assessments for staff
Millennium Promise Awards announced
13 Jun 2008 | NIH non-communicable chronic diseases research training programme
‘Healthy towns’ in the UK
12 Jun 2008 | £30 million fund to encourage healthy innovation
Global Health Action
11 Jun 2008 | New open-access journal launched
Smoking, obesity lead to hearing loss
10 Jun 2008 | New research on less-obvious health impacts of unhealthy lifestyles
UK consultation on tobacco control
06 Jun 2008 | Tobacco shares fall on proposal to ban shop displays
The benefits of cycling
05 Jun 2008 | Commuting by bike saves health industry millions
Tobacco-free youth?
31 May 2008 | World No Tobacco Day focuses on aggressive marketing
Brazil’s hard-hitting tobacco packaging
30 May 2008 | Cigarette packs feature particularly graphic imagery
Weigh yourself while you eat
27 May 2008 | Scales to be placed by fast-food stands in Jerusalem
Food/drink companies move on obesity
21 May 2008 | Global commitment on ads for under-12s
Is France beating childhood obesity?
19 May 2008 | Some signs of progress – but not among the socially disadvantaged
World Hypertension Day …
17 May 2008 | … highlights a global epidemic affecting 1.5 billion people
New online health journal
14 May 2008 | 'Cases Journal' aims to publish and create library of 1000s of case reports
Child Health Week in Ghana…
13 May 2008 | … focuses on healthy eating and rising obesity
Benefits of giving up smoking
08 May 2008 | More clear evidence on the rapidity of the health impacts