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2008-Q1 (Jan–Mar)
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2008-Q1 (Jan–Mar)

Alliance Alerts for the first quarter of 2008.
Obesity on the up in Namibia
31 Mar 2008 | Only a small percentage of Namibians are of ‘normal’ weight
Working for a Healthier Tomorrow
26 Mar 2008 | First review of the health of the UK workforce
Ban on junk food machines in hospitals
25 Mar 2008 | Welsh health minister says crisps, chocolates and sugary drinks will be removed
Tobacco danger for India’s youth
20 Mar 2008 | Nearly one in five school children in India uses some form of tobacco, says WHO
Workers to be screened for chronic diseases
18 Mar 2008 | Victorian government implements radical health push over next five years
Heart disease up in the developing world
14 Mar 2008 | Study from South Africa shows the disease is expanding fast in developing economies
Obesity link with pancreatic cancer
13 Mar 2008 | Research shows obesity may raise older adults’ risk of developing the disease
PAHEF call for proposals
10 Mar 2008 | Pan American Health and Education Foundation focusing on childhood obesity and healthy aging
Huge toll of CVD in Europe
06 Mar 2008 | Latest statistics highlight the epidemic
Forum on Healthy & Sustainable Cities
04 Mar 2008 | Multidisciplinary experts gather to discuss environment and health
Launch of Sydney Resolution
28 Feb 2008 | Call to action to prevent chronic diseases launched at OxHA '08 Summit
Too much salt leading to childhood obesity
24 Feb 2008 | A new study finds that children eating a salty diet tend to drink more sugary drinks
“Cities must encourage health”
18 Feb 2008 | International Obesity Task Force calls for planning rethink to promote healthier environments
Obesity linked to more cancers
15 Feb 2008 | A new study takes an in-depth look at the relationship between obesity and many cancers
India on its way to 1m tobacco deaths
14 Feb 2008 | By next decade, up to one million people in India will die each year from smoking
Sweeteners could increase obesity risk
12 Feb 2008 | Scientific experiments on animals showed they ate more food if saccharin was part of diet
New WHO/Bloomberg anti-smoking project
08 Feb 2008 | Tobacco could kill up to 1 billion this century
World Cancer Day celebrated
05 Feb 2008 | Organisations call for a smoke-free environment for children
Study finds soda linked to gout
01 Feb 2008 | More than two cans of sugary drinks a day substantially increase risk of developing gout
EU calls for uniform food labels
30 Jan 2008 | Stricter food labelling rules announced by European Commission today