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2007-Q4 (Oct–Dec)
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2007-Q4 (Oct–Dec)

Alliance Alerts from the fourth quarter of 2007.
Wii is not enough?
24 Dec 2007 | ‘Active’ computer games are insufficient substitute for sport
New study: obesity and absenteeism
20 Dec 2007 | Absenteeism associated with obesity costing the US $4.3billion per year
Supermarket soda tax?
19 Dec 2007 | San Francisco mayor wants a levy on stores selling soda to offset health-care costs of obesity
12 million new cancer cases in 2007
17 Dec 2007 | American Cancer Society publishes its first report on worldwide cancer toll
EU pledge by food and drink companies
13 Dec 2007 | Global food companies announce plans to halt advertising junk food to kids under 12
Physical function and stroke link
11 Dec 2007 | Being in good physical form seems to protect men and women from getting a stroke
Obese kids face adult CVD
07 Dec 2007 | Large new study shows link between children’s weight and risk of heart attack as adults
Simple steps could save millions
05 Dec 2007 | The Lancet launches new series of chronic disease articles
UK launches new cancer strategy
03 Dec 2007 | Cancer prevention, including healthy diet, at centre of new agenda
Framingham Heart Study 60 yrs old
30 Nov 2007 | The study which helped discover heart disease risk factors celebrates its 60th anniversary
New US obesity prevention initiative
28 Nov 2007 | Department of Health and Human Services to target overweight children
Anti-Obesity Day in India
26 Nov 2007 | Awareness-raising of a growing problem
Grand Challenges for Chronic NCDs
21 Nov 2007 | Consensus created by health experts offers a global prescription
Diabetes on rise for Chinese children
19 Nov 2007 | More and more children are becoming overweight and at risk of disease
The ethics of intervention?
13 Nov 2007 | New report suggests guiding principles for public health
More overweight men die of prostate cancer…
13 Nov 2007 | ...when compared with those who have a ‘normal’ body mass
Smoking could add to TB burden
09 Nov 2007 | Experts at global lung conference warn of link between tobacco use and TB infections
Car buying bodes ill for long-term health
07 Nov 2007 | New Delhi suffers as air pollution rises
WEF survey on workplace wellness
07 Nov 2007 | Input sought from business leaders from around the world
WHO Western Pacific meeting on NCDs
06 Nov 2007 | Sixty health officials meet to find ways to improve prevention of chronic diseases