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2007-Q3 (July–Sept)
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2007-Q3 (July–Sept)

OxHA launches CIH pilot
27 Sep 2007 | PepsiCo Foundation gives $5.2 million grant to support project in Mexico, China, India and England
The Economist covers smoking in Asia
24 Sep 2007 | Asian governments must be bolder if they want to combat deadly habit
It takes two types of exercises…
21 Sep 2007 | …to combat type 2 diabetes effectively
Diabetes Youth Charter launched
19 Sep 2007 | Young people call for better diabetes care and prevention
Lifestyle diseases harm India's economy
14 Sep 2007 | Rise in chronic disease and stress impacting on workplace productivity
Diabetes opera to hit London stage
12 Sep 2007 | Fundraising event for better diabetes care in Cambodia
Record Danish sickness absenteeism
10 Sep 2007 | New data shows need for urgent action on workplace health
Cigarettes in NZ could reach $25/ pack
07 Sep 2007 | Health experts say tax hike should result in more anti-smoking initiatives
Artificial additives under attack
06 Sep 2007 | Study shows links between E numbers and hyperactivity in children
China's rich are not healthy
04 Sep 2007 | Survey shows many Chinese are paying a high price for their affluence
Diabetes affects TB treatment
31 Aug 2007 | Type 2 diabetes patients with TB do not respond as well to treatment
Geography determines obesity
30 Aug 2007 | University of Washington study shows property values predict local obesity rates
Dying young in South Africa
29 Aug 2007 | Report highlights heart disease risk
Smoking linked to head, neck cancers
28 Aug 2007 | US National Cancer Institute study finds new cancer risks caused by smoking
High blood pressure for obese children
22 Aug 2007 | Doctors are warning that the obesity epidemic is causing more children to get high blood pressure
Global blood pressure rates rocketing
17 Aug 2007 | Number of suffers expected to exceed a billion within 20 years
Cars fuel 'twin crises'
14 Aug 2007 | Report by the IEEP argues that car use is contributing to obesity epidemic and climate change
The Economist focuses on NCD epidemic
10 Aug 2007 | The ever-growing problem of chronic disease in the developing world is highlighted this week
Diabetes to cripple Mexico's economy
09 Aug 2007 | High rates of the disease could one day bankrupt the health system
Kids prefer McDonald's branded food
07 Aug 2007 | Study shows that preschool children prefer the taste of food and drinks in McDonald’s packaging