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2007-Q1 (Jan–March)
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2007-Q1 (Jan–March)

Insight into Chinese smokers
29 Mar 2007 | A new study documents smoking patterns and behaviour among smokers in Eastern China
Obesity spreads among Canadian children
28 Mar 2007 | New report finds rates 'alarmingly' high among those of First Nation and Inuit origin
First smoke-free nation
27 Mar 2007 | Bhutan has instituted a complete nationwide ban on smoking
Concern about obesity in Ghana
26 Mar 2007 | Ghana tops WHO list of seven African countries
Women in NYC smoking less
19 Mar 2007 | During Bloomberg’s time as mayor, the number of female smokers has decreased by over 100,000
Blood sugar levels up cancer risk
21 Mar 2007 | New research shows women with high blood sugar levels have an increased risk of developing cancer
Not enough fruit and veg eaten in USA
18 Mar 2007 | Americans fall far short of eating the recommended amount of fruit and veg
Cancer deaths linked with obesity
15 Mar 2007 | Obese men who are diagnosed with prostate cancer have a greater risk of dying from disease
UK childhood obesity study at risk
13 Mar 2007 | Pioneering childhood obesity study could collapse in the absence of funding
Trans fats to be phased out in Oz
12 Mar 2007 | Australian fast-food companies make commitment to remove trans fats from menus
Designers could help fight obesity
08 Mar 2007 | OxHA and WSP Environmental hold healthy planning seminar in London
Childhood obesity link to puberty
05 Mar 2007 | Obesity is found to cause girls to reach puberty at an earlier age
Portion sizes ‘promoting obesity’
28 Feb 2007 | US restaurants blamed for packing in day's worth of calories into a single menu item
Too much government intervention?
27 Feb 2007 | UK council debates whether 89kg eight-year-old should be taken from mother and into care
UK to ban ads to teens
22 Feb 2007 | Ofcom announces ban on TV ads targeted at under-16s
DVD game targets obesity in kids
21 Feb 2007 | Game teaches children how to stay healthy
Is HIV spending too high?
16 Feb 2007 | BMJ explores the debate around HIV/AIDS funding
Type 2 diabetes gene mapped
12 Feb 2007 | Scientists say they have mapped the genes which put people most at risk of diabetes
Fattest countries list revealed
09 Feb 2007 | Nauru tops WHO list of countries with the greatest percentage of overweight people
Nearly 1 in 4 Omanis has diabetes
07 Feb 2007 | Ministry of Health official gives warning in light of alarming rise