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2006-Q4 (Oct–Dec)
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2006-Q4 (Oct–Dec)

World Diabetes Day recognised by UN
05 Jan 2007 | Resolution encourages governments to take steps on diabetes
Ill-health today and tomorrow
31 Dec 2006 | Report shows patterns of illness and poor lifestyles in the UK
Korean food makers to cut trans fats?
20 Dec 2006 | South Korean food manufacturers considering a plan to reduce trans fats by 2008
Mauritius to ban fizzy drinks
18 Dec 2006 | High prevalence of diabetes causes government to take action
India ponders school junk-food ban
16 Dec 2006 | Health minister considers ridding schools of fizzy drinks and other unhealthy food
Exercise cuts colon cancer risk
16 Dec 2006 | New study shows link between physical activity and reduced risk of colon cancer
China to crack down on smoking
14 Dec 2006 | Ministry of Health to target transport services and workplaces
NICE focuses on obesity
13 Dec 2006 | First national guidelines in England and Wales address prevention as well as treatment
Diabetes rising in West Africa
12 Dec 2006 | Although numbers with diabetes has risen dramatically, not enough treatment is available
Mexico to tax fizzy drinks?
12 Dec 2006 | To offset a sluggish economy, and fight obesity, Mexico is considering a tax on sodas
Smoking ban in cars considered
11 Dec 2006 | Queensland health minister ponders new measures to curb smoking deaths
Diabetes to cost India $330 billion
07 Dec 2006 | India set to spend 40% more on treating diabetes by 2025
NYC votes to ban transfats
06 Dec 2006 | New law to force food establishments to remove all transfats from menus
Blood pressure checks in pubs
05 Dec 2006 | An innovative pilot in N Ireland hopes to identify those at risk of chronic disease
Playgrounds for grown-ups
04 Dec 2006 | German city plans recreation area for pensioners
2030: 70% will die from chronic disease
28 Nov 2006 | New WHO figures forecast impact of diseases over the next 25 years
Smoking less may not cut risk
28 Nov 2006 | New study shows that cutting down on cigarettes may not reduce death risk
Microsoft gets healthy
27 Nov 2006 | Software giant tackles obesity in the workplace launches
20 Nov 2006 | New ‘open space for health’ unveiled at OxHA summit
EU charter against obesity
18 Nov 2006 | European Health Ministers sign WHO charter in Istanbul