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2006-Q3 (July–Sept)
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2006-Q3 (July–Sept)

Trans fats get the axe
27 Sep 2006 | New York’s Board of Health votes to eliminate artificial trans fats from city’s restaurants
Ovations makes prevention pledge
25 Sep 2006 | Chronic disease Centres of Excellence to be founded in developing countries
‘How young is your heart?’
24 Sep 2006 | World Heart Day activities around the globe
CGI prioritises chronic disease
22 Sep 2006 | OxHA mentioned at Clinton Global Initiative meeting
Worldwide Day of Play
21 Sep 2006 | On 30 Sept., kids across US will be encouraged to be active
Asia-Pacific: chronic disease timebomb
19 Sep 2006 | Obesity and tobacco named as major killers at opening of WHO regional conference in Auckland
Roasting for irresponsible parents
18 Sep 2006 | Jamie Oliver’s latest TV attack on unhealthy diets
Politicians need to act on obesity
08 Sep 2006 | Experts argue that many governments are dragging their heels in response to the epidemic
‘Small change, big difference’
07 Sep 2006 | Campaign to put EPIC findings into practice
Obesity 'as big a threat as terrorism'
04 Sep 2006 | Soft-drink manufacturers come under fire at obesity conference
Healthy food campaign bears fruit
04 Sep 2006 | Turkey Twizzlers finally off the menu in English schools
Insuring for health
31 Aug 2006 | Private insurers recognise the importance of chronic disease prevention
Ovarian cancer deadlier for obese
29 Aug 2006 | Differences in aggressiveness of disease are attributed to overweight
The future's fat…
25 Aug 2006 | Obesity predictions published for England
Studies counter recent CDC findings
23 Aug 2006 | Being overweight found to increase risk of death.
Cartoon cigarettes cut
22 Aug 2006 | Boomerang to edit smoking scenes from Tom and Jerry
Overweight overtakes underweight
16 Aug 2006 | Globally, more are now overnourished than are going hungry
Mayor gives to an ‘overlooked' cause
15 Aug 2006 | $125 million to fight tobacco use
Diabetes ‘inbreeding’ outcry
11 Aug 2006 | UK MP apologises for misleading and insensitive comments
Is the tide turning in Australia?
08 Aug 2006 | Chronic disease death rates are slowing in Aboriginal population