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2006-Q2 (April–June)
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2006-Q2 (April–June)

Marketing behaviour
30 Jun 2006 | Benefits of health-related social marketing highlighted
Stinging report on second-hand smoke
28 Jun 2006 | US Surgeon General cites ‘indisputable’ evidence
UK government may promote family meals
28 Jun 2006 | Pondering a partnership with Jamie Oliver
Toll of chronic disease in Jordan
27 Jun 2006 | Study shows obesity rise of over 50% in just two years
Youth ‘Unite for Diabetes’
23 Jun 2006 | Putting diabetes on the global agenda
Shocking contrasts in Australian health
22 Jun 2006 | Focus on health inequalities in Aboriginal communities
Calls for action on salt
21 Jun 2006 | Many foods contain levels too high for adults and children
China bans smoking for Beijing Olympics
19 Jun 2006 | Health Ministry calls for ‘a smokeless games’
Giant fast-food chain sued
15 Jun 2006 | Advocates frustrated by inaction on trans fats
Inspiring change through school
12 Jun 2006 | Motivated mothers spark a health campaign
Paying the price of obesity?
07 Jun 2006 | TV show suggests a radical solution
Big Tobacco back in the dock
06 Jun 2006 | A closely watched trial set to start
Eating out – and eating more
05 Jun 2006 | Report calls on restaurants to shrink portion sizes
Paying the price for value meals
01 Jun 2006 | Supersizing by the numbers
WHO targets deceptive tobacco marketing
31 May 2006 | Pointed theme for 2006 World No Tobacco Day
UK to identify overweight children
30 May 2006 | Health Department plans spark debate
Fast-food industry sees threat in new film
26 May 2006 | Trade groups prepare to counter ‘Fast Food Nation’
New finding on new smokers
25 May 2006 | One cigarette doubles the risk
A novel public health debate
25 May 2006 | Australian bicycle helmet laws may discourage exercise
Run to music – and a calorie count
24 May 2006 | Listen to the calories you burn when exercising