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2006-Q1 Jan–March
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2006-Q1 Jan–March

Smoking bans proliferate
31 Mar 2006 | Anti-tobacco legislation continues to be drafted and brought into force
Danish recruits get in shape
30 Mar 2006 | Campaign to overcome obesity and lack of fitness
Health issues a priority in Germany
30 Mar 2006 | New coalition sets out to reform health care system
New smoking insights
30 Mar 2006 | Light shed on the mechanism of tobacco addiction
Economic cost of sedentary lifestyles
29 Mar 2006 | New analysis of extent of lost productivity for UK business
GARD against respiratory disease
29 Mar 2006 | New alliance formed to tackle under-recognised chronic illnesses
UK watchdog reports on TV ads
28 Mar 2006 | Ofcom announces new rules on advertising high-fat foods to children
Scotland smoking ban in force
26 Mar 2006 | Smoking in all public areas, including bars and restaurants, banned from 26 March
Physical activity in refugee camp
25 Mar 2006 | Nike helps to provide opportunities for girls’ sports
Race to slow down speeds up
18 Mar 2006 | Welsh towns compete to be Slow Food locations
Weight matters
12 Mar 2006 | 12–18 March is the UK's Obesity Awareness Week
Unhealthy exports in the spotlight
11 Mar 2006 | Debate about US influence heats up
Big tobacco, shrinking sales
09 Mar 2006 | Cigarette sales plummet to 55-year low
Home, unsweetened home
07 Mar 2006 | Soda study finds success in curbing calories
UK schools ban soda, chocolate
03 Mar 2006 | Landmark move 'among the toughest in the world'
Healthy brands dominate UK sales
03 Mar 2006 | Survey finds 'better for you' messages resonate with consumers
Girdles gain popularity in Japan
02 Mar 2006 | Rising obesity rates create demand
Obesity called 'the terror within'
01 Mar 2006 | US Surgeon General offers little support for policy change
Glasgow play parks nearly smoke-free
01 Mar 2006 | City reviewing possible ban on children's play areas
Point-of-sales advertising
01 Mar 2006 | Australian cigarette packs go pictorial