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2005-Q3 (July–Sept)
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2005-Q3 (July–Sept)

Costa bans smoking
30 Sep 2005 | Major coffee purveyor Costa coffee has recently banned smoking in all of its 370 UK outlets
Malta’s expanding waist-line
29 Sep 2005 | New research conducted by the World Health Organisation finds that 75% of Maltese women over the age of 30 are overweight
Brazil’s anti-smoking crusade
28 Sep 2005 | Brazil urges legislation to approve FCTC
Branded by design
25 Sep 2005 | Philip Morris tests the boundaries of ‘experiential’ marketing
Fast-food industry hungers for youth
25 Sep 2005 | McDonald’s pays to create ‘cool factor’ with young
Reduced salt in UK foods
23 Sep 2005 | Pressure leads to reduction in salt in processed foods in UK.
Smoking bans: New Jersey dormitories
23 Sep 2005 | New Jersey bans smoking in university dormitories.
Hopes go up in smoke
16 Sep 2005 | Researchers link popularity and smoking at schools in California
The biggest killer in the biggest population
15 Sep 2005 | A study in the New England Journal of Medicine has determined that cancer and vascular disease are now the leading causes of death in China.
Fruit in schools
14 Sep 2005 | New UK scheme to promote fruit and veg shows signs of success.
Hurricane devastates years of research
14 Sep 2005 | Hurricane Katrina destroys heart study research
‘Sin City’ smoke-out
14 Sep 2005 | Smokers in Japan offered the chance to smoke through 'Sin City'
Television’s link to obesity
11 Sep 2005 | New Zealand research demonstrates links between television and obesity.
Fat wars
10 Sep 2005 | Efforts to reduce the level of trans fats in New York restaurants
Second-hand smoke in China
10 Sep 2005 | University of California find passive smoking kills as many women in China as smoking itself.
India bans on-screen smoking
09 Sep 2005 | Indian minister for health announces a prohibition of smoking on screen
YMCA targets obesity
08 Sep 2005 | YMCA launches project for healthier communities in the United States
French ban on vending machines
07 Sep 2005 | French ban on vending machines in schools comes into force
Australia’s rising obesity rates
07 Sep 2005 | Medicare rebate is being introduced in Australia to treat victims of chronic disease
Texts get through to young quitters
31 Aug 2005 | Mobile phones as life-saving devices