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News stories

OxHA's Alliance Alerts provide an insight into major news stories and trends throughout the year, covering all stakeholders – government, business, academia, local communities and others – and all the risk factors and diseases.


Please note that, from October 2009, the new Alerts have been published on the website of C3 Collaborating for Health (click here >> ). 


To sort by theme, choose from the list in the box on the right. The Alerts on the new site are sorted in the same way, so we hope that you will find it easy to find what you are looking for. In the future, all the Alerts will be brought together on a single site.

'Work with heart'
27 Sep 2009 | World Heart Day 2009 theme of workplace health
WHF job opening
22 Sep 2009 | Project on reducing CVD through fat substitution
Worried kids become fatter adults
11 Sep 2009 | Emotional anxiety in childhood increases risk of obesity
Senior vacancies in chronic disease
27 Aug 2009 | ICDDR,B and CDC both seeking exceptional candidates
New research: asthma and waistlines
26 Aug 2009 | Women with waist measurement ≥88cm are more at risk
$13.8m damages to smoker’s daughter
25 Aug 2009 | Family wins latest round against Philip Morris
No tax breaks for tobacco companies
20 Aug 2009 | Important regulatory step forward in China
Calorie counting in hospital cafés
14 Aug 2009 | Food choices of employees and visitors influenced by labelling
Obesity link to debt
12 Aug 2009 | Germany: over-indebted are 2.5 times more likely to be obese
America still on path to obesity
10 Aug 2009 | Nationwide survey conducted from 2005-2009 offers stark figures on overweight